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A journey is never an end in itself. You can only say that you have travelled if there is still a hint of curiosity left to go deeper and deeper in search of hidden and unexplored corners without ever feeling satisfied. There are places you only see once in a lifetime, but which deserve to be admired during the changing seasons.

ARTedISTAgione aims to arouse deep feelings in the souls of its travellers: they not only travel through space, but also use the temporal dimension to dive into a universe of colours, stories, sounds and emotions.

The itineraries are planned to satisfy the cultural interests of travellers who love original and unusual destinations. The ARTedISTAgione team is made up of people who consider beauty to be the main thread running through their work. All their passion emerges through themed guided tours, historical-artistic adventures, concerts and theatre performances, exclusive entrances to cultural sites and institutions, and nature walks.

ARTedISTAgione can be defined as an unconventional cultural organisation. The aim is to enhance the beauty of the world that passes through a painting, a snowy landscape, an architecture, but that can also hide under the silent shadow of a hundred-year-old chestnut tree in the summer sun.

The themes dealt with start from a starting point and a reflection that induces the traveller to meditate on the why of things.
The typical itineraries are characterised by
- the deepening of knowledge of the rich Italian province, such as the route through the villages of Benevento or the green valleys of Friuli;
- the rediscovery of places that are only apparently known, such as the successful cycle of journeys to unknown Sardinia or the minor centres of the Marche;
- literary inspiration, such as the journey in the footsteps of Shakespeare between Verona, Padua and Venice, or in the company of José Saramago in the Portuguese Alentejo;
- a fresh look at large urban centres such as Rome and Naples (but also Lille, Hamburg, Zaragoza...) attracted by one-off events or exceptional openings.

Through the tourist-cultural proposal, ARTedISTAgione aims to enhance and exalt the richness of the territory, not only Milanese, but also Italian and international. The natural beauty is made even more interesting by events and shows that enhance the potential of the places and their history.
For this reason, ARTedISTAgione has also launched the formula Giornate di Stagione (Season Days) dedicated to the discovery of the territory around Milan with one-day coach trips during weekends in Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto.

ARTedISTAgione's organised trips are not just about art, history, culture and nature, but also include food and wine discoveries that highlight the flavours and activities of small local producers. The traditions, customs and traditions of the area are enhanced by an organisation that includes stops at symbolic rural locations. Thanks to the contribution of ARTedISTAgione, small hidden villages are revealed in all their authenticity and spontaneity. They open up to tourists wishing to come into contact with a unique and exclusive reality romantically narrated by ARTedISTAgione.

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