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Ronchetti & Pontiggia

Services in Albese con Cassano, Como, Lombardy, Lake Como

The story of the Ronchetti & Pontiggia company is the story-telling of a man and his passion for an ancient craft: ironworking. In fact, it can be considered one of the oldest arts where creativity and imagination find their raison d'être. The first curls created in a small workshop have been followed by thousands of others with the desire to satisfy the demands of a demanding, beauty-loving clientele.

In the course of fifty years, true works of art have seen the light, illuminating the context in which they have been placed. Gardens, villas and ancient buildings have shone with the creations of the Ronchetti & Pontiggia company. The craftsmanship has taken shape in gratings, balconies, fences, gates and much more, not only in Albese con Cassano, in the province of Como, but also beyond its borders.

The Ronchetti & Pontiggia company was founded in 1960 by the founder Luigi Pontigia who, following his heart, opened a small dusty workshop. Here he began meticulously working with iron with all the passion and sacrifices it entails. The love for the work was renewed year after year like the warmth of the fire he stoked every morning to heat the iron.

It was in this way that the size of the small workshop in Albese con Cassano grew, becoming one of the most appreciated craft businesses. The staff, prepared and competent, contributes every day to the satisfaction of the customer who is passionate about wrought iron works and not only.

The services offered by the Ronchetti & Pontiggia company of Albese con Cassano range from providing assistance to private and public customers. An initial project is drawn up to understand how to achieve the result hoped for by the customer. The company's products include security doors, elements for industrial plants, stairs, mezzanines, objects and iron furniture for both interiors and exteriors.

The certifications and certificates obtained allow the company to work with iron in absolute peace and safety. The company also makes use of the advice of professionals such as engineers and architects who help to find the best structural solution to meet the customer's requirements. Finally, the company based in Albese con Cassano offers assistance in repairing shutters and locks, panic bars and Rei doors.

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