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Services in Tremosine sul Garda, Brescia, Lombardy

SKYclimber is a company that organizes many outdoor sports activities suitable for everyone. The only two requirements are basic fitness and an acceptable physical condition. The tours organized by SKYclimber take place around Tremosine sul Garda, not far from Limone sul Garda, in the enchanting scenery crystallized by the lake. Priority is given to three basic concepts: fun, safety and individual experience. For this reason, group tours are distinguished by the low number of participants admitted: groups generally do not consist of more than ten people.

Activities for the whole family

SKYclimber's tours change from week to week, always giving new experiences to people who choose to rely on the company of Tremosine sul Garda for their excursions on the western shore of Lake Garda. Another very important aspect to underline is the access to the activities also for 6 year old children. In this, SKYclimber represents a reference point in the whole Garda area, being the only company to offer this opportunity.
Among the most popular activities prepared by SSKYclimber are canyoning, mountain biking, via ferrata and sport climbing. If the choice falls on canyoning, it is advisable to bring additional shoes to get into the water (sneakers a little stronger than average or a pair of light trekking shoes are also suitable). On the other hand, if you choose via ferrata as an activity, it is important to have comfortable clothing, trekking shoes (alternatively sneakers) and a backpack to store your personal belongings. If the tour is on the calendar during the summer season, carefully consider bringing an additional bottle of water with you.

SKYclimber packages

SKYclimber offers people interested in an unforgettable experience on Lake Garda two distinct sports packages: Child and Adrenaline. The first is designed for children from 6 years of age and up and includes the Canyoning Family Fun activities in addition to the Via Ferrata Colodri.
For adults, instead, SKYclimber has thought of the Adrenalina package, a tour where adrenaline and fun are 100% guaranteed. The experiences are Canyoning Summerrain (alternatively Canyoning Vione) and the Via Ferrata del Monte Bandito (the second option is Via Bandito). Each SKYclimber tour requires the presence of a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of five guides.

  • To bring for the Canyoning: a towel, bathing suit and an extra pair of shoes per participant to wear in the water: sturdy sneakers or light hiking boots - flip-flops, sandals, neoprene or bathing shoes cannot be used. SKYclimber will give you neoprene suits and socks (washed and disinfected), helmet and belt (on request, a pair of tennis shoes, with which you can go on tour). Please leave your valuables as much as possible in the hotel or apartment. Although we have a waterproof box for your valuables (which we also do on tour), space is limited.
  • To bring for the Ferrata: sports clothing and comfortable, a pair of good sports shoes profiled (sneakers or hiking shoes). Possibly also a backpack with your personal belongings. SKYclimber will provide the harness, helmet and equipment for the Ferrata.

Excursions in Tremosine sul Garda in total safety

The excursions organized by SKYclimber in the immediate vicinity of Tremosine take place in total safety for both adults and children, thanks to the presence of numerous qualified guides. In addition, people who sign up for one of the activities offered by SKYclimber have automatic access to Axa insurance, so any damage to persons or property is covered by the insurance company.

To confirm your reservation, SKYclimber needs the following information from each participant:
Name, Surname, Age, height in cm, size of clothes, size of socks and a mobile phone number (in case of short-term changes).
Booking and payment through "CheckYeti" Agency

Personal requirements:
Good physical condition and basic fitness, as well as swimming skills are sufficient for all activities. Advanced tours are subject to special conditions that must be observed and are absolutely necessary for all participants.

Before starting the tour, each participant must confirm with his or her signature that he or she has the necessary requirements: sufficient swimming ability, no physical or mental handicap and must inform if he or she is taking medication (e.g. for asthma, diabetes). All participants must also sign that they are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in outdoor activities.

Safety / risk:
The safety of guests is the top priority for SKYclimber. However, everyone should be aware and accept that outdoor sports always involve a small risk. Anyone can inflict injury on themselves or others in Canyoning, via ferrata or mountain biking through embarrassment or simply "accidentally", for which neither SKYclimber nor the guide can be held responsible.
People who have anxiety issues have a duty to inform the guides immediately. Our state-certified guides reserve the right to refuse activities to people who are under the influence of alcohol or who are under the influence of drugs. The instructions of the guides must be observed in all cases.

Weather / Nature:
Since all activities offered are "outdoors", tours are, of course, highly dependent on weather or water level - but canyoning is an ideal sport with bad weather. With little to medium rain you can go on a hike without any problems - canyoning is an ideal sport with bad weather. For your safety we can make changes to the program or, in the worst case, cancel the tour. Alternatively SKYclimber offers, if possible, a replacement programme or tour or another appointment. If this is not possible, the price, if already paid, will be refunded immediately.

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Tremosine sul Garda

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