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The Wolf Ham Factory

Where to shop in Sauris, Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Among the typical products of the territory, the Prosciutto di Sauris since 2009 is protected by the Protected Geographical Identification mark which certifies its strong link with the territory.

The headquarters of the Wolf Ham Factory is located right in the village, in the splendid setting of the Carnic mountains that for centuries have protected the artisan treasures shared only by local families.

Inside there is a sales point open all year round, including Sundays, where you will find on display and taste all the specialties of hams and sausages.

The Prosciuttificio offers a wide range of products with an excellent quality / price ratio together with an efficient and fast service, defined the strengths of the company.

The constant improvement of production and service standards, and the ability to develop innovative solutions in step with the needs of a constantly evolving market, are the basic factors of success.

Wolf hams and sausages are born from the four natural elements and go to make up a universe of timeless goodness.

Little smoke, so much taste
Exquisite as an appetizer or for a snack accompanied by a good glass, Sauris Prosciutto is unique for its characteristic aromatic scent and veiled smoky taste.

A prize for goodies
Perhaps the most famous specialty of Sauris and Wolf, satisfies the desire for genuine goodness at all hours, perhaps with a slice of rustic bread just warm. Produced only from lean thighs, the secret of its processing is kept in a recipe formulated in the mists of time to enchant you with its taste and its scent.

Ossocollo and Culatello
Authentic tradition, peasant genuineness
The ossocollo, as the name reveals, is obtained from the animal's neck and has a country-like generosity with an elegant flavor. From a noble part of the thigh has instead originated the culatello, refined in presentation and tasty in substance.

Classic alternatives for gourmets
The salamis are processed by Wolf following the ancient Saurian tradition. Inebriating perfume, pure flavor: thanks to the simplicity of the ingredients used (pure pork, salt, spices, aromatic plants). Salami, wolfini, sausages: a party of sausages that will enhance every palate.

Bacon and ...
Time sits at the table
Stretched or rolled up, the pancettas give off intense aromas and have a delicious taste in their genuine simplicity. Generous in the kitchen to compose first and second dishes, or sliced ​​raw on crunchy toasted bread will be on every occasion a delicious morsel.

The other flavors
What's left of the pig
Guanciale, lard, cotechino, sausage: these are the other delicious Wolf dishes for your table. A variety of notes harmoniously linked to each other, born from a careful processing of tasty natural flavors.

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