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Azienda Agricola 'La Quadra'

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The Azienda Agricola 'La Quadra' is a zootechnical company with viticultural fruits, located in the Municipality of Drena. It has distant origins, in fact it has been handed down from father to son for 4 different generations. Born initially for the simple existence, the company was carried on with enthusiasm and with the desire to expand its activities and take new roads. This gave rise to the idea of starting to create new products and putting them on the market through direct sales, a project that the company has been carrying out for about 10 years with great enthusiasm and satisfaction from the young brothers Stefano and Roberto, sister Alice and the inevitable parents Giuseppe and Francesca.
Being able to use the raw materials to transform them and work them personally, is an activity to which the members are particularly attached, always keeping an eye on the territory, culture, traditions and genuineness.

The cheese
An activity born initially out of pure passion and love towards this activity of the old days has now become a full-time occupation. Created just "as it once was", slowly warming the milk inside a cauldron, the cheese that is obtained can be both fresh and seasoned and also blue cheese (chilli, chives or green pepper) and is a full-bodied food, very rich and with a full flavor. The cheese is made from raw milk, therefore free from any heat treatment (it is never brought to high temperatures, thus leaving all its qualities).

Salami and Luganeghe
In the farm we also breed whey pigs.
With the meat of pigs, made tender from the whey, salami and luganeghe are produced with the only addition of salt, pepper and spices, just like years ago. It is a genuine and very tasty product for sausage lovers. It can be found both fresh and seasoned, of any size and weight and even with hot pepper.

Another derivative of milk, the Company's yoghurts are creamy, healthy, fresh and very consistent; they are produced with whole milk and in addition to the classic natural one can find various flavors such as apricot, wild berries, strawberry, blueberry, cherry, coffee, hazelnut, vanilla and cereals.

Dro plum jam
From the products of the campaign, instead, we begin to manufacture Susine jam, a very famous plum in the whole territory. A classic of nutrition, excellent for a nutritious breakfast or for a quick snack the jam is thick and rich; without preservatives and colorings it consists only of fruit and a slight addition of sugar.

Apple juice
Born from the products of the earth, apple juice is created through the selection of Golden Hill apples, among the most delicious and among the sweetest. Quenching and refreshing, it contains all the properties of the fruit, very rich in vitamins and mineral salts. Without dyes and added sugar already from the opening of the bottle it seems to be in an apple field!

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