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Grocery Conti Daniela

Where to shop in Percile, Roma, Lazio

At Alimentari Conti Daniela in Percile, you will find authenticity, flavor and tradition. Specializing in the sale of high-quality cured meats and homemade desserts, the establishment offers products that are homemade and precisely for this reason unique.

In the heart of Percile, Rome, stands Alimentari Conti Daniela, a true gem for lovers of quality food and Italian culinary tradition. Known for their wide selection of cured meats, Alimentari Conti Daniela stands out for their focus on the authenticity and quality of their products. Homemade hams and sausages-rich in flavor and aroma-are at the heart of this establishment's offerings.

Each piece of charcuterie offered by Conti Daniela is processed following traditional methods, guaranteeing a unique and authentic taste and aroma. But it is not only the cured meats that attract visitors from all corners of Rome, the homemade desserts that are equally renowned.

Homemade Sweets
In addition to the cured meats, Alimentari Conti Daniela stands out for the variety and quality of desserts offered. Prepared following traditional recipes, the desserts offered bring to your table all the flavors of ancient Italian pastries. Think cakes, cookies, tarts and many other delicacies, all made with care and passion.

So, if you are looking for the best cold cuts in Percile or if you want to treat yourself to a sweet sin of gluttony, Alimentari Conti Daniela is waiting for you. Take the best flavors of Italian tradition home with you!

  • Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 8, Percile (Roma)
  • 0774 464643
  • 340 3246427
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