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Faraglia - Torrefazione Olimpica

Where to shop in Rieti, Lazio

Caffè Faraglia: a roasting company of excellence
Pure, authentic, genuine: since 1968 Faraglia coffee has been an Italian excellence known throughout the world. The brand's roots lie in the historic Olimpica roasting plant founded by Osvaldo Faraglia, which has evolved steadily from Rieti to include shops and shops throughout Italy. Today, the company boasts a functional, state-of-the-art factory, where modern techniques are used to obtain excellent quality results. There is also a taste room and some laboratories to keep up with the times without forgetting tradition.
The company's commitment does not stop with coffee: the Faraglia brand accompanies various types of Italian gastronomic excellence such as beer, chocolate, spreadable creams and much more, all produced strictly according to the typical Made in Italy customs.

Organic air-roasting
It is not only the passion and expertise of Torrefazione Faraglia that make coffee so special: the secret lies in the roasting process. The company is one of the few in Italy where each bean is processed without the contact of oils and fumes that can spoil the flavour: a specialised plant guarantees an organic process that leaves only the authentic taste of high quality coffee.
The same quality is maintained from the harvesting and maturing of the raw material, which is then stored in an air-conditioned warehouse to protect it from sudden changes in humidity. These steps are followed to ensure the customer a finished product where every nuance of flavour is maintained from harvesting to distribution: a result that only the Faraglia brand can guarantee.

Production that satisfies every connoisseur
One of the company's strengths is its rich production of specialities, all of which are characterised by excellent quality and completely Italian manufacture. Coffee can be purchased in beans, ground coffee, pods and compatible capsules: this is to guarantee every customer the possibility to taste all the goodness of Torrefazione Faraglia. Moreover, it is possible to taste products linked to the chocolate tradition combined with the flavours of the unmistakable drink.

Faraglia Hazelnut Coffee Spread 350g
Prepared with Caffè Faraglia Barrique combined with IGP Piemonte Tonda Gentil...
Pistachio Faraglia 350g spread with chopped pistachios
Ingredients: Sicilian pistachios 65%, Sugar, Sunflower oil, Milk powder, Emul...
Hazelnut Spreadable Faraglia 350g
Hazelnut spread Tonda Gentile Trilobata Piemonte PGI
Green Coffee Bergamot Beer
Ideal to accompany an aperitif or a dinner of pizza or bucatini all'Amatriciana.
Dragees Dark Coffee Beans
Precious coffee beans roasted by Faraglia, covered with the finest Criollo, T...
Nespresso-compatible Barrique capsules
Overwhelming, delicately intense taste with extremely pleasant nutty note
Caffè Faraglia Barrique 250g ground Moka coffee
Delicate and aromatic taste, it goes perfectly with baked goods and desserts.
Chopped Pure Black Truffle
Called 'Pure Truffle', it contains no preservatives or colouring agents, is g...

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