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Antica Pasta Sabina

Where to shop in Greccio, Rieti, Lazio

Much more than a simple pasta factory, a company that has made pasta production a real vocation and that over the years has been able to satisfy the most varied needs of its customers.

The company Antica Pasta Sabina was founded in the 80s in a very small laboratory in the province of Rieti, precisely in Contigliano. The couple Silvano and Luigina Pitoni decided to create a product that could maintain the characteristics of homemade pasta. Something that was very inviting for any palate.

Over time, their passion has also become that of their children, Simona and Valerio, who have dedicated their energy to the family business with great enthusiasm. This has led Antica Pasta Sabina to grow more and more as a brand, also considering its family management that has not changed the traditionality of the product.

The careful choice of ingredients and quality raw materials has made such a company a point of reference for those who are looking for quality products for their table. All this keeping up with the times by means of very sophisticated and advanced machinery that has made it possible to maintain a result in line with tradition.

The craftsmanship of Antica Pasta Sabina's products is undoubtedly one of its strong points. In fact, it gives you the pleasure of discovering that each type of pasta is different from the other while having a common line: the use of excellent ingredients. High quality standard that has allowed the company to have an important success, the first recognition is the enormous appreciation from the customers.

There is a continuous direct line between the production part and that of the company management that allows to keep the raw materials under constant control. This makes it possible to study all evolutions and possible modifications. On the other hand, in order to maintain excellent quality in production it is fundamental to try to keep up with the times without ever losing sight of the quality objective.

Antica Pasta Sabina pasta is traditional because it comes directly from the earth but can be reinvented in a long series of ways. Experience, but also company creativity, have allowed us to look to the future with a very innovative eye.

The main characteristic of all the company's products is their genuineness, also considering that there are no preservatives or other chemical substances that can alter the taste of the pasta.

Those who wonder why they should focus on the products of Antica Pasta Sabina, would do well to consider some advantages. The first of all is precisely the use of refined raw materials that have suitable characteristics to obtain a product of exceptional quality.

In addition, you can benefit from a wholesale, but also retail sale. Transport throughout Italy is possible, also because requests are constant from every region. It is also necessary to highlight the wide variety of pasta shapes from which to choose the desired ones.

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