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La Becjarie

Where to shop in Valvasone, Pordenone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

The Becjarie of the village of Valvasone, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, there is always an air of celebration. A beer, the grid that spreads in the air the intense smell of grilled meat, laughter, talk and so much joy profuse from whom carna work literally from a life.

Daniele Comuzzi, art son of a family of butchers active at Valvasone from 1730 (native from Rivignano, will first move to Bertiolo before arriving at Valvasone to seize the opportunity of an activity slide), brings forward with enthusiasm and pride the tradition, and just can reinvented. Raffaele Cesarini begins instead to make the butcher for passion, son of who the pig in the house has always held, and even this is a tradition.

Their Becjarie (butcher in Friulian Language) is the reference point for all the high quality meat lovers. The good meat must have a whole chain of attentions linked to animal welfare, food quality, breeding techniques, the times of growth, the slaughter and everything it follows up the maturation and the processing of the final product.

The products of most importance are represented by prepared 'ready to cook' (as they say), among which we find their inventions, such as the Black Steak, Crüt Voleson of and the gorge of cocoa, in addition to their excellent salami.

But the Becjarie does not stop here: will be ready in fact for April 2018 the new shop. The two members and friends have decided to detect the former social dairy of Valvasone, a historic building in Via Roma which was the seat of one of the most important realities of the territory.

But also all the other products of Becjarie are made with true passion. By starting with the traditional sausages (Salame Nostrano ossocolli, bellies stretched or rolled, suppressed, lard, pancettati lard, cheek, and their cocoa throat) and many other 'ready-to-cook' (zampone long cooking spadellate, pork, turkey or chicken with artichokes, sweet peppers; stuffed peppers, about a dozen variety of hamburgers, sandwiches, arrosticini, meatballs, polpettoni and roasts to form the heart of tacchinella or chicken. And finally the bench butcher with all cuts of meat only of high quality.

If you switch to find Daniele and Raffaele to new Becjarie, let them tell the legend of Crüt of Voleson: will be happy to be able again to decant while they cut a slice for you. You will find yourself so magically in the company of two friends, available to chat and drink a glass of good Refosco always ready for the occasion.

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