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Consorzio Tutela Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale Protection Consortium

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The Consortium
The Consortium for the Protection of Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale is a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) beef product distinguished by its quality and organoleptic characteristics. The PGI designation protects producers from the misuse of the name, thus guaranteeing the geographical origin of the product, as well as the intrinsic quality due to the careful selection of animals to be raised.

The meat of Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino centrale is particularly appreciated for its delicate and tasty flavor. In fact, the main objective of the Consorzio Tutela Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale is to protect and promote this unique product, constantly guaranteeing its high quality. White veal meat from the Central Apennines is rich in nutrients and has a low saturated fat content compared to other beef meats.

Thanks to the Consorzio Tutela Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale (Consortium for the Protection of White Calf of the Central Apennines), consumers can be assured of buying a genuine and excellent product, as the animals chosen for breeding must meet strict quality standards set by the production specification. In addition, the PGI guarantees that the white veal meat comes exclusively from the mountainous areas of the Central Apennines, where climatic and environmental conditions contribute to giving the meat a unique and inimitable flavor.

The superior quality of Central Apennine White Veal meats also have a nutritional profile that makes them ideal for a balanced diet. In fact, they have a low fat content (less than 3 percent) and cholesterol content (less than 500 ppm) and a high protein value (greater than 20 percent). This makes it possible to eat meat without worrying about abusing it, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Consorzio Tutela Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy a product of exceptional quality, with unique organoleptic characteristics. Thanks to its delicate and tasty flavor, it is a perfect product for preparing flavorful and nutritious dishes while maintaining a balanced nutritional profile. An excellent choice for those who wish to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience, searching through the map for butcher shops and restaurants registered in the 'Friendly Restaurant' circuit that carry the product.

The product
Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale obtained Protected Geographical Indication in 1998, becoming the first quality label for fresh beef approved by the European Union for Italy.
The term "Vitellone" in the territories of Central Italy has always indicated beef cattle aged between 12 and 24 months. These are young animals whose meat is very lean, deep red in color and low in fat and cholesterol. The designation "Bianca" refers to the coat consisting of white hairs that stand out well against the slate-black skin, a characteristic that allows these cattle to tolerate the sunlight typical of Apennine pastures.

"Central Apennine" also refers to the area of origin where the Romagnoli, Marchigiani and Chianini cattle are raised and fed fodder typical of the area. The PGI certification does not refer to cattle, but to meat produced from the breeds specified in the Production Specifications and typical of the Central Apennines: Romagnola, Marchigiana and Chianina. There is no such thing as a PGI breed. Therefore, there is no Chianina, Romagnola and Marchigiana IGP. The breed is only one of the requirements needed to obtain the final certification of the product.

In order to certify the meat, all the requirements of the product specification must be met, from the breeding stage (breeds, area of birth and rearing, feeding, type of farming) to the subsequent stages (slaughtering, meat maturation, color, chemical and physical characteristics, sales and processing methods). This is why the breed alone, without the PGI certification "Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale," is no guarantee of quality, typicality and territoriality.

Indeed, cattle of the Romagnola, Marchigiana and Chianina breeds are raised in Italy and around the world, but only the protected designation "Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale IGP" allows to protect, enhance and defend also their link with the typical territory of origin and production.
Not all "Chianina" meat is of high quality. To say "Chianina meat," "Marche meat," or "Romagna meat" means that the breed of cattle has been certified as registered in the National Genealogical Book, which guarantees its "genetic purity." Only meat derived from "purebred" cattle can avail itself of the "Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale" PGI certification.

The meat of Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale IGP has a distinct flavor reminiscent of the scents of Central Italy. The great attention to nutrition and the natural relationship with the land and pastures are reflected in the meat's appearance and flavor. The grain is fine and the color is bright red. The texture is also firm and elastic, with small infiltrations of fat in the muscle mass. The high quality of the meat of Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale IGP is the result of a winning mix whose main ingredients include genetic predisposition, natural breeding systems and quality feed. The scents of the meadows and the typical essences of the Apennine pastures contribute to the meat's strong flavor.

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