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Tartufi Bianconi

Where to shop in Città di Castello, Perugia, Umbria

Located between Gubbio and Arezzo, Città di Castello is an ancient Umbrian village also known as the "city of monasteries" for the presence of numerous buildings dedicated to worship that can be found walking along its picturesque streets.
The town, which is located in the Upper Tiber Valley on a mainly hilly territory on the borders with Tuscany and Marche, was founded by the Umbrian population and then became a Roman town hall and took the name Castrum Castelli.
After various dominations by the Papacy, Florence and Perugia, Città di Castello became independent at the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy in 1860.

The Bianconi Company and the truffle tradition

Traditionally known as the "land of truffles", Umbria and in particular Città di Castello allow you to live unforgettable experiences not only for their research, but also in the tasting of delicious recipes that take advantage of their unmistakable flavor.
The search for truffles translates into a journey in the uncontaminated nature of the woods, in the company of animals trained for this occupation, the famous truffle dogs, expert specimens with a phenomenal sense of smell. Although for centuries truffle hunting has been carried out with the help of pigs, today it is some breeds of dogs that specialize in the quarry, an operation that offers the opportunity to explore incredible places. The typical examples of truffle dogs used in this land belong to the breed of the Grifo Nero Valnerino, a rustic and resistant animal, which, because of its nature, is endowed with an absolutely unique natural coat.

For over 30 years, the Azienda Tartufi Bianconi has been processing and selling the Truffle of the Upper Tiber Valley, one of the areas of excellence for the production of this excellent food.
While remaining essentially faithful to tradition, the company has progressively expanded its activities, making the most of the experience gained from the awards it has received.
It is well known that the truffle is a product linked to a rapid seasonality that restricts the period of its harvesting to a very short period of time; therefore there is a need for a preservation able to fully respect the organoleptic requirements that characterize it.

One of the main objectives of the Bianconi Company is precisely that of preserving these products in the best way possible, making sure that the intensity of the aroma and the savouriness of the taste remain unchanged, as if they had just been picked.
Thanks to the drying and deep-freezing methods, the truffles are preserved in the most natural way, without the use of any additives.
At the company's headquarters there is an interesting, small Truffle Museum, born in 2002 from Saverio Bianconi's passion for truffles; in this setting it is possible to admire books, objects and curiosities linked in some way to the world of truffles.
Following the discovery of a page of an ancient herbarium dating back to 1500 in which truffles were widely discussed, the founder of the Museum dedicated himself to the study of this food, still shrouded in mystery and legend.

Characteristics and varieties of Truffle 

The fame of the truffle goes back a long way, even the ancient Romans celebrated in their Latin writings the praises of food, exalted by poets and artists, and sought after for the tables of the nobles and the rich.
In order to live, the truffle (which is a fungal variety) needs to establish a relationship of mutualistic symbiosis with a plant endowed with chlorophyll, so that it can feed and grow.

There are various species of truffle, and precisely:
- precious white truffle;
- white truffle;
- precious black truffle;
- black summer truffle.

The prized white variety, which is picked from October to December, is distinguished by a violent and immediate aroma that can stun; exquisite but particularly strong, the white truffle has a very intense flavor, which recommends its use raw as an excellent condiment.

The bianchetto truffle is picked from January to April and is characterized by a taste similar to that of garlic, but stronger although extremely pleasant, also ideal for cooking.
Thanks to its unmistakable fruity and aromatic scent, the black truffle offers the palate sensations of greater delicacy, so much so that it is defined "sweet black". Perfect after cooking, it is also excellent raw as a refined condiment for first and second courses.

From June to August, finally, it is possible to pick the summer black truffle, with its sweetish taste and earthy and spicy notes.

Recipes with truffles
Using the prized Bianconi's truffles, it is possible to create exquisite recipes for both first courses and dishes, such as tagliatelle with truffles, in which both the prized white truffles and the truffle sauce always produced by the company are widely used.
Not to forget a few drops of white truffle oil, a refined flavoured condiment able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.
Among the dishes, a prominent role is played by the black truffle fillet, produced and marketed by the Bianconi company, after being harvested during the winter months to maintain the sweet and delicate aroma with elegant earthy notes.
Particularly suitable for mixed salads of raw vegetables, the black summer truffle of the Bianconi company is characterized by a very pleasant sweet and sour taste, to be combined with a few drops of truffle oil that enhances the aroma.
In order to guarantee an inimitable taste, the Bianconi truffle, always picked during the cold months, can be used as an excellent condiment for passatelli and lasagne, to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the truffle, which goes perfectly with the neutral taste of the pastry.

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