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Azienda Agricola Bistarelli

Where to shop in Citerna, Perugia, Umbria

Azienda Agricola Bistarelli is a small company that for years has been carrying on the family tradition with passion and perseverance in the town of Citerna in the locality of Consuma. This place, however, is not only a working farm but also a family home and you can admire a beautiful old farmhouse belonging to the 1700's, logically restored to prevent its ruin while keeping its main features unchanged.

This company carries on with great courage the working process that ends with the production of the famous Vinsanto in a patient way and always preserving the artisan methods used in the past.
In the Bistarelli Farm you can breathe air of agricultural tradition, of farmers, of past times and all this culminates in the production of the beloved Vinsanto smoked lovable, jewel of this land and also of Torcolo, typical sweet of the company and still made with the ingredients of the past.

The disposition of the company
The company is divided into work and home, the most important room is the Vinsantaia where the Caratelli are placed, small and precious barrels that reach a maximum capacity of 80 liters in which is inserted the must that is obtained by harvesting and then pressing grapes rigorously dried for over three months.

These particular barrels are placed in an environment with variable temperature, must be placed in a place that remains warm in summer and cold in winter so you choose an attic or attic. This particular temperature or rather this change causes the beginning and the end of fermentation for several times, then the company knows well that we work on sedimentation and clarification before finishing the product with refinement and maturation.

At Azienda Agricola Bistarelli it is therefore possible to proceed four years after the harvest to the first expected taste, the so-called Spillatura before bottling and selling it. The family team has been doing a great job for years to create high quality products at the logical expense of the quantity sold. The Vinsanto is therefore an almost niche product, as from a lot of grapes you get in the end few bottles, compared to other products.

The services
The company organizes guided tours, both for individuals and groups, upon reservation. It works with students and therefore educational visits but also with tourists, foreigners but also many Italians. The guided tour usually lasts 2 or 3 hours maximum and you will be followed by the owner who will show you all the places of work. There will be stories of rural life and visit to the house, the stables, the kitchen and the attic for the Vinsanto, the visit to the famous Vinsantaia to admire the barrels and wine tasting accompanied by the typical dessert in a tasty snack. You will also be able to watch a film where you can discover the phases of processing and production of Vinsanto and visit the small museum with the tools and vintage bottles related to the history of this company.

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