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Edera Shop

Where to shop in Triora, Imperia, Liguria

A small angle at the very beginning of the heart of the ancient Triora, the magical village of witches. A fairy cave where you can find not only nice souvenirs but also many fairies, goblins and other surprises. Inside you will be greeted by the magical perfume of essences, incense and herbs and you will find many handicraft products, some packaged by the witches of the place and also likeable shirts, bibs, bags in canvas with theme drawings and much more!

..and here's the witch at work, guardian of this magical antrum. You can see an example of how the product is made one of the 'magici' articles that you will find in the store. As the dispellins woes brushes, for a perfect gift or to treat yourself as lucky charms. You will also find packages of herbs and magical amulets, packaged with stones and copper, candles for your magical rites (or simply to illuminate your evenings..), interesting books, tarot, rune (reproduced also handcrafted on wood or pumpkin seeds) and much more. Let us not forget the streghine pignelle or the pixies pignette, born in the woods of Triora which will protect your homes and will bring you luck.

The Witches of Triora await you soon and wish you luck and prosperity and that your wishes can come true.

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