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Fragranze d'Italia

Where to shop in Sora, Frosinone, Lazio

Elegance, minimalism and variety are the key words for the ambient scented solutions of Fragranze d'Italia, a small artisan workshop at the foot of the Abruzzo National Park. Scent is the greatest ally of memories, which is why the boutique caters to those villages that want to stir an emotion by making their own essence.

A treat not to be missed when you are on vacation, as you have the chance to take home a souvenir of the village, an authentic, uniquely designed gift made with passion and natural ingredients. This is the case of room diffusers with wooden sticks; made entirely with natural essential oils and organic alcohol, without the use of synthesizers and dyes, they are perfect for diffusing a pleasant fragrance into the air, relaxing body and mind. On sale, there is a wide range of scents, from enveloping ones such as orange and cinnamon, perfect for winter, to the fresh, pungent notes of lemongrass leaves, ideal for the summer months.

Fragranze d'Italia advises its clients on the best to make sure that the products requested are immediately successful in the market by selecting fragrances with extreme care. A totally Made in Italy service that includes customization of the packaging, bottle and labels.

Souvenirs par excellence are the room perfumers in box format, different from the classic ones because they can adapt to any look and style. And what about the scented lamps? Both are unique because they are made entirely by hand to amaze those who buy them. Different, in fact, are the shades of colors and shapes, even with regard to the wax room diffusers, which together with the handcrafted boxes and lamps have the additional goal of illuminating and decorating, which is why they make a great gift.

Each package contains a kit with scented salt and a tea light, to get you started right away; the wax lamps and caskets take advantage of the illusion, given by their shape, to scent without ever melting! It is the candle, in fact, that is deputed to make the light and, thus hidden in the lampshade along with the salt, is also able to diffuse the fragrance, giving, however, the impression that it is the lamp that does it.

On the website, there are instructions on how to use them, in a few simple steps, because all of Fragranze d'Italia's home fragrance solutions can be purchased online. Including room refills, fragrance sprays and 100 percent pure essential oils for foot baths and color therapy, also available at the Sora shop, which is open daily, Monday through Saturday, until 8 p.m., and at all retailers in the area, from Milan to Sciacca.
Davide and Elisa also offer customization service for all their products, for anyone with a unique gift in mind or for those who are thinking of a gadget for their customers.

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