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Mambelli Dairy

Where to shop in Bertinoro, Forli Cesena, Emilia-Romagna

Caseificio Mambelli, located in Santa Maria Nuova di Bertinoro, was born from three generations of dairymen, a family dedicated with passion and expertise to the art of cheese making. Founded in 1972, known and respected for its Ricotta di Romagna (made from milk and not whey), the dairy immediately expressed its "vocation for the genuine": exclusive use of natural ingredients, milk from selected stables, and artisanal processing methods and care.

Today, after more than forty years, Caseificio Mambelli produces a wider range of high quality cheeses: Squacquerone di Romagna DOP, Casatella di Romagna, Ghiottella and Ricotta di Romagna, Straccone, Stracchino al sale di Cervia, Mascarpone Artigianale Fresco, Ravigiolo among the fresh cheeses and Caciotta di Nonna Elsa in the short-ripening cheeses.

Continuous evolution and research has led to the creation of new product lines including the innovative Squacquerone Spreadable Cream, Lactose-Free Cheeses and cheeses with vegetable rennet.

At Caseificio Mambelli you can find "the future of yesteryear," a balance between tradition and innovation that continues under the leadership of the family's second and third generation of cheesemakers.

A visit to the Dairy is enough to rediscover, the true passion of those who dedicate love and commitment to their work and as a result offer the Consumer the opportunity to bring much more than just cheese to the table... a Mambelli cheese.

Mambelli products are all available for purchase at "Osta! Bottega", the store adjacent to the production plant.

Guided tours inside the dairy are available upon reservation to discover how Mambelli cheeses are made. You can watch the production of Squacquerone di Romagna D.O.P. and Ricotta di Romagna Mambelli, made from whole milk, a typical product of our Dairy.
The guided tour is organized for a group of a minimum of 4 people (€ 15.00 per person; children up to 5 years: free, from 6 to 10 years € 12.00) and takes place in the morning to witness all the production processes.
The price of the visit includes a free box with Mambelli products.

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