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Tenuta La Viola

Where to shop in Bertinoro, Forli Cesena, Emilia-Romagna

Located in the rolling hills of Bertinoro, on the side that faces the sea, Tenuta La Viola produces wines of excellent quality. The estate has always believed in organic farming, which it has practiced in a certified manner since 1999. This is why it does not use chemical insecticides in its crops, thus preserving the health of people and the vines themselves. In this way, each vineyard maintains its natural balance, intact scents, bright colors and enveloping atmosphere of harmony.

The estate is an enchanted place, where nature expresses itself in all its beauty and majesty. The grapes are cultivated with passion and dedication, following the cycles of nature and respecting its timing. Tenuta La Viola's goal is to produce high quality wines that are an expression of the territory and winemaking tradition of Emilia-Romagna.

Coming to visit Tenuta La Viola means immersing yourself in a world of unique flavors, scents and sensations. You can taste the estate's wines, accompanied by local delicacies, and discover all the secrets of production. Tenuta La Viola will be glad to welcome you and make you feel at home, in a familiar and relaxing environment.

Since 2018 Tenuta La Viola has initiated biodynamic farming practices to stimulate soil activitỳ facilitating vital processes in the management of our vineyards. Fertilization, cultivation and husbandry are implemented in ways that respect and promote the fertility and vitality of the soil and at the same time the typical qualities of plant and animal species. The grassing of the soil is alternated with the practice of green manure, the turf is mowed mechanically and no chemical weeding is practiced.

Vineyard training and grape harvesting are operations that are all done manually. It does not use the sorting table but grape selection is done by hand directly in the vineyard during harvest.
Currently, the size of the estate's vineyards is about 16.5 hectares, 10 owned and 6.5 leased, with an average annual production of 70,000 bottles.

For the estate, sustainability is a precious value, so it works to preserve natural resources for future generations and seeks the best methods to achieve the least possible impact on the environment. This is also why the bottles that Tenuta La Viola uses for its wines are only lightweight ones, thus reducing the CO2 released into the environment.

In the winery we prefer spontaneous fermentations with indigenous yeasts that best interpret the vintage and the terroir, aging takes place on fine lees, we use large wood and cement barrels and all those practices to allow us to naturally obtain wines with character, wines that have with a soul. At the estate there is no shortage of experimentation with ancient practices, such as vinification in amphora, which has given wines with exceptional characteristics.

For Tenuta La Viola, wine is tradition and passion that binds it inextricably to its land. It deeply believes that the history, experience, dedication and professionalism of the people who work it flow into the quality and character of the wines it produces, making them unique.

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