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Bacciotti Agricultural Company

Where to shop in Scarperia, Firenze, Tuscany

On the hills of Mugello, in Scarperia, Azienda Agricola Bacciotti is a family-run company.

Messrs. Sandra and Roberto raise dairy sheep of the Sardinian breed, according to organic farming methods since 2001 and directly produce the fodder for feeding their flock.

In the fields synthetic chemicals are not used but organic fertilizers for sustainable and healthy production.

Having a direct management of the entire production cycle, this makes it possible for the company to have full control of every stage of production, guaranteeing quality.

The milk produced is transformed into organic cheeses in the small dairy within the company.

The quality of the milk, its freshness and the cleanliness of the working environment are the essential prerequisite for making a good product.

The processing is done with raw milk, without subjecting the milk to heat treatments that alter its quality and vitamins and destroy the autochthonous microflora.

Its processing takes place in small quantities, according to an artisanal process where manual work and experience play a fundamental role.

Each product has its unmistakable and genuine taste, the result of a process that leaves all the qualities and aromas of the nutrients present in the raw material intact.

The Bacciotti Company produces various types of cheeses, also with different ages, such as: fresh pecorino, aged pecorino, semi-cooked pecorino cheese, raveggiolo, ricotta, creamy robiola, sheep's yogurt, soft pecorino vegetable rennet and the typical ruzzolone.

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  • Via di Gabbiano, 7, Scarperia e San Piero (Firenze)
  • 055 8406905
  • 335 104 4374
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