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Costa di Bussia - Tenuta Arnulfo

Where to shop in Monforte d'Alba, Cuneo, Piedmont, Langhe

The Costa di Bussia estate in Monforte D'Alba is set in a unique context. Rolling hills lush in summer and misty in winter are the stars of an enchanted setting, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Langhe. The timeless beauty of the area and its extraordinary resources have earned this corner of Piedmont one of the best known in the world. Costa di Bussia contributes to make the atmosphere even warmer thanks to the centuries-old work conducted first in the vineyard and then in the winery.

Costa di Bussia - Arnulfo Estate: a story of love and passion
The Costa di Bussia estate is among the oldest in the area, founded in 1874 by Luigi Arnulfo, a daredevil Barolo Pioneer who set out to discover innovative techniques in the local wine world and the international wine market.

His desire to experiment and innate curiosity were the basis for the production of great Piedmontese wines. To discover the founder's story, it is possible to pay a visit to the estate's Historical Museum, where it is told through the epistolary correspondence, more than 200 letters, found in the Cascina. In these letters Luigi Arnulfo talks about his ideas and his personal vision of oenology.

The wines of Arnulfo's Costa di Bussia estate are deeply identity-driven and encapsulate centuries of history and dedication on the part of winemakers. The winery presents guests with a tour showing the 11 hectares of vineyards, the winery and the various stages of winemaking and wine production.

In these 11 hectares of property, nine different wines are produced, each with its own well-defined personality, also due to micro-differences at the terroir level, and they are: Bricco, Nebbiolo, Vigna Campo del Gatto, Barbera, Vigna campo dei Buoi, Chardonnay and Dolcetto.

A day at the winery
The Costa di Bussia farmhouse opens its doors to tourists, visitors and wine lovers, welcoming them in an exclusive setting. A location surrounded by vineyards in which to take refuge to experience a slow vacation and where you can savor the essence of a highly evocative territory.

At Costa di Bussia the doors are open to winelovers! Wine experiences in the winery allow you to discover the estate and its wines in 360 degrees, between past, future and present.

  • Farm house
  • Garden
  • Shop
  • Wifi
  • Farm
  • Tasting
  • Air conditioning
  • Wine, beers and liquors
  • Guided tours
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  • Free parking

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The traditional tasting will introduce you to the Langa real life, giving you the chance to know the cornerstone of our wine tradition.
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