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Pecorino Crotonese cheese DOP Calabrialleva

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In order to understand the work carried out by the APOCC - Calabrialleva Cooperativa degli Allevatori Calabresi, it is necessary to quote the motto 'L'Unione fa la Forza'. The breeders of Calabria constitute a typical agricultural reality of cheese production that has strong links with the territory in which it is inserted. The Marchesato Crotonese, in fact, is a fertile and generous land with which man has always had a tacit pact of mutual respect. The green pastures, the clear waters of the streams coming from Sila, the sea breezes and the generous foliage of the pines are the unique context in which the cooperative's sheep are bred to obtain Pecorino Crotonese. The breeders are considered the true heirs of the farming tradition whose values lie in the spontaneity and genuineness of Calabrian delicacies. The milk from the farms in Calabria can be considered the identity of an extraordinary microenvironment where even the grass has a different flavour that influences the intense taste of PDO cheeses. Innovation and tradition also intersect to offer high quality products guaranteed by the perfect supply chain of Calabrialleva.

APOCC was founded in 1984 and recognised by Calabria Region Decree No. 658 of 9 May 1988 with the aim of protecting the rights of Calabrian farmers. The participating farms are currently more than 150, with farms located both in the plain and in the hills. It was in 2005 that APOCC took on the form of a cooperative, which was then dedicated to the production of Pecorino Crotonese, in an area on the edge of the Sila mountains. Hard work and strict controls on production were the basis of a commercial success that led the participants to establish the first social dairy in Crotone. But this was only the beginning. In order to link the products of the Marchesato even more intensely to their land, recognition of the protected designation of origin was needed. This is how APOCC - Calabrialleva Cooperativa degli Allevatori Calabresi obtained PDO recognition for Pecorino Crotonese. The breeders really set their sights high, trying to make the most of the work and efforts made by generations of breeders over time.

The APOCC - Calabrialleva Cooperativa degli Allevatori Calabresi performs a small miracle every day: the transformation of milk into PDO cheeses, a symbol of Calabria's food and wine. The cheeses are distinguished by both aesthetic and organoleptic characteristics. The rind reveals its seasoning. Pecorino Crotonese PDO is offered in three different versions: fresh, semi-hard and mature, with different taste characteristics, able to meet different culinary needs. Each tells a story of love and passion for Calabrian delicacies. The different organoleptic nuances can be perceived through the five senses thanks to the alternation of its scent, its colour, which turns from white to straw yellow, and thanks to its unmistakable taste that tastes good and genuine. Lastly, there is also pecorino with chilli pepper and smoked ricotta, considered to be the true excellence of Calabrian food and wine. Fresh ricotta is produced every day and is only distributed to local outlets to offer a very fresh product. In addition to sheep's milk products, there are also those of bovine origin: the large mozzarellas, the provola di latte, the caciottas, the caciocavallo and then the fresh cheeses. The livestock heritage of APOCC - Calabrialleva also includes pigs and their cold cuts, which are fully part of the typical Calabrian products. Calabrialleva is a company where the short supply chain is a fundamental part of its philosophy.

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Pecorino Crotonese DOP fresh
Traditional PDO cheese from Calabria. The paste is tender, uniform and creamy...
Pecorino Crotonese DOP semi-hard
Medium-aged PDO cheese from the Calabrian tradition.
Pecorino Crotonese DOP seasoned
A PDO cheese, long matured, from the Calabrian tradition. The taste is intens...
Pecorino with chilli
Cheese refined with Calabrian chilli, fresh, tasty and pleasant, never too spicy
Smoked ricotta
Smoked ricotta from Crotone with intense flavour
Milk Provola
Pasta filata cheese, soft to be enjoyed every day, to be combined in any way.
Caciocavallo cheese
Typical of the Calabrian tradition, the caciocavallo is a pure milk cheese wi...
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