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Artistic Weaving & Caruso Carpets School

Where to shop in San Giovanni in Fiore, Cosenza, Calabria

A tradition that has been handed down for generations, Tessiture Artistiche & Scuola Carpets Caruso collects the great meaning of the textile tradition, which has always marked Sangiovese craftsmanship.

"Ozaturi a pizzulune", the typical "trappigne" blankets, the "n'cullerata" to continue along a path, started in the Middle Ages, around the splendid abbey complex, where family nuclei begin to gather, arriving in Sila, from the farmhouses casentini and the crotonese marquisate.

Families, living around the majestic Forensic Abbey to ensure the protection of the Abbot Commendators.

Protected, yes, but forced to suffer the cold climate of the harsh winters of the time. Hence the need to provide on frame, both fabrics for clothing, both for the furnishing of their homes.

The farmhouse of S. Giovanni in Fiore becomes the true capital of Sila, with fabrics made in neighboring countries, which are traded in local fairs.

Taking a leap of several centuries, up to the mid-nineteenth century, thanks to the initiative of the Valorization of Sila (now Arrsa), the Carpet School was born, directed by Armenian masters, who for many years gave the local weavers the techniques of knotting of the carpets.

With the conclusion of the direction of the oriental masters, this ancient art lives a period of great crisis.

A crisis in the sector that ends with the arrival of the maestro Domenico Caruso, who, thanks to a family tradition, decides to invest work and sacrifices in a project started by his father Salvatore, who in the early 1970s took his cue from the family looms and abandons the meat trade, to become a promoter of the textile art of his family.

Maestro Domenico Caruso's strong ambitions led him to undertake studies in schools and art academies, thus forging a new figure, which is rich in its history, transforms and gathers new inspirations in the great textile panorama.

The small art workshop is a reference point for the greatest names in contemporary art, and in addition it carries on one of the greatest artistic projects ever dealt with on the regional territory: the reproduction of Gioacchino da Fiore's Liber Figurarum tables, which they are transformed into splendid silk tapestries, completely hand-knotted.

Each panel of this ambitious project requires more than a year of knotting. Works that great auction houses such as Crhistie's in London and the Semenzato of Venice wanted to beat with millions of the old coinage.

A textile art, the Sangiovese one, recognized all over the world.

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San Giovanni in Fiore

San Giovanni in Fiore

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