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Farm Prione

Where to shop in Tremosine sul Garda, Brescia, Lombardy

That wine production can become a real art is not a secret at all and this is perfectly demonstrated by the Prione Winery. One of those that approach the world of viticulture with the utmost passion and attention to detail. "Because the taste of wine is like music" - they say. "Infinitely varied". And so the experiments carried out with the creativity of real wine lovers bear fruit in numerous noteworthy creations. Strong wines, those with a unique and exclusive character, able to enchant, literally anyone. A taste that is remembered even many years after trying it and that characterizes the entire work of this winery. A maniacal attention combined with the same philosophy that always aims not only at innovation, necessary to present to the public different, new, passionate tastes, but also at a constant progressive development of values.

This affects the entire production facility of Cantina Prione, in constant search for harmony between tastes and fragrances that are able to transform wine into a true masterpiece of fantasy. All this without ever ignoring the specificity of the area in which the Prione Winery operates. Just that typical character of its land can often be found in various wines of this winery. And it is no coincidence that it is the first ever to operate in the Parco Alto del Garda Bresciano. A land of which we always try to respect the traditions. In addition, attention to the production process limits any contamination from other crops. This is why the flavour of Prione wines are always exclusive and unobtainable elsewhere.

Despite the many successes achieved in the not too distant past, the company's mission remains the same: to create other works of art that are able to fascinate. At the base of all the work there is an idea linked to the territory and to the passion that has always animated the wine production of this winery.

In addition to making wines of very different types, in the Prione Cellar we also produce quality oil, also in full respect of the territory and its specificity. All products, moreover, are completely natural, which allows to reach a greater fullness of taste.

All products are made only from locally grown materials. This is why the Prione Winery is always able to guarantee its customers the highest possible quality.

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  • Località Prione di Sermerio - 25010, Tremosine sul Garda (Brescia)
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Tremosine sul Garda

Tremosine sul Garda

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