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Alpe del Garda Cooperative

Where to shop in Tremosine sul Garda, Brescia, Lombardy


Located on a charming natural terrace overlooking the upper part of the lake of the same name, Tremosine sul Garda is a town with just over 2000 inhabitants considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
Predominantly hilly in nature, the area enjoys a very favorable climate due to the proximity of the lake, which also allows the development of typical Mediterranean vegetation despite the distance from the sea.
Characterized by an urban context of great charm, with small alleys that climb between a natural habitat of rare beauty, Tremosine offers the opportunity to admire a very unusual and fascinating panorama of Lake Garda. In fact, from the beautiful terrace overlooking the void, located 350 meters above sea level, you can enjoy the impressive view of the lake.

Alpe del Garda Cooperative

It is precisely in this magical location, among deciduous woods and green pine forests interspersed with the foothills of the Dolomites, that the Alpe del Garda Cooperative has been carrying out its activities for over 40 years, based on a skilful use of the excellent milk of these areas.

This company is located in the hinterland of Upper Lake Garda, within the Community of Upper Garda Bresciano, a naturalistic area famous for the suggestion of its landscapes and for the genuineness of the local gastronomic products.

In addition to the renowned milk from only Brown Breed cattle, whose traditional processing has become famous throughout the country, the area is renowned for the production of dairy products with inimitable flavors.

Based on the inspiring principles that animate this valley, the Cooperative Alpe del Garda has set itself the goal of enhancing the typical agricultural production of the area and including dairy products, cheeses, sausages and meats, all certified and coming from the supply chains within the area.

Thanks to the progressive diffusion of the products, which meet excellent standards of quality and authenticity, the Cooperative has been able to conquer the large distribution of the foreign market, while consolidating its position on the national market.

At the Caseificio, Alpe del Garda has opened a shop particularly well stocked with products belonging to the local gastronomic tradition, with a butcher's shop attached. The adjacent agriturismo is also very popular, where, surrounded by greenery, it is possible to taste local dishes skilfully prepared with the products of the Cooperative.

During the summer, with a suggestive 15 km route through woods and waterfalls, it is also possible to reach the alpine pasture of Alpe del Garda at 1,800 meters above sea level, Malga Ciapa. Located at Passo del Tremalzo, one of the most famous mountain bike trails in Europe, in addition to the stables for the herd, it houses a recently renovated building and a charming farmhouse with rooms.

Particularly attentive to the protection of the ecosystem, the Alpe del Garda Cooperative has installed a modern biogas plant for the production of electricity.

The products

The products, available at the Alpe del Garda cooperative, include a wide range of dairy products, among which we would like to highlight

  • Formagella Tremosine: with a soft texture, it is distinguished by a fragrant flavour and a delicate aroma with herbaceous notes, which matures with selected moulds. Its flavoured version includes the addition of olives, black truffle, wild garlic, plums and black pepper or chilli pepper. The smoked version is particularly tasty. A lactose-free type is also available.
  • Garda cheese: produced with skimmed milk, it has a hard consistency after maturing for about a year, which reaches 24 months in the Riserva version.
  • Raw Milk Cheese: uses freshly milked and unpasteurized milk, which preserves the fragrant scents of the pasture making the taste of the food absolutely unique.

Also worth mentioning are Tortei ai formaggi, a type of fresh pasta characterized by a generous filling of mixed cheeses.

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Tremosine sul Garda

Tremosine sul Garda
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