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Vesio Consumer Cooperative

Where to shop in Tremosine sul Garda, Brescia, Lombardy

Historic Shop

The territory of Tremosine Lake Garda is composed of well 18 fractions with an altitude that varies from 65 to 1976 m.a.s.l. The fraction capital is Pieve, but the most inhabited is Vesio. Poor and difficult were a time connections with neighboring municipalities (including lemon, Tignale, Valle di Ledro e Magasa): some mule track and a network of steep trails were using for displacements.

At the end of the XIX century the inhabitants of Tremosine were linked to the mountain, meadows and fields, cultivated vegetables, olive trees on the land più solatii, with a breeding still very primitive. Finished the nail industry, there was nothing left but emigration, especially toward in North America. By the ideas of Archbishop Giacomo Zanini, enlightened priest, scaturì change. Based on the ideals of cooperation, he revolutionised the small world of Vesio. He had occasion to write: “a man that has with itself initiatives, has for itself the same resources, called around itself other forces that you slanciano in the vast field of cooperation: this is avanguard”.

The establishment of a cooperative of consumption at Vesio of Tremosine was stressed more times by the members of the young Cassa Rurale. The first time in 1899, by 21 members with a letter to House: “the undersigned, while expressing satisfaction for l’excellent plant of this company and for the great development that had, having in just three years più that doubled its members, capture the’occasion of this general rendez-vous so facing another institution that will be more beneficial of Cassa Rurale same putting a cooperative”. The next year, again, 20 Members asked the Cassa Rurale that the Council “gives hand to a Cooperative”. the initiative should be autonomous with respect to the cash, but the board of directors of this last was always ready to “assist the cooperative with the loan of the sums at the lowest rate possible, as will be granted by the movement deposits”. The proposal gained wide approval on condition that the new company you maintain “altogether separate from the Cassa Rurale”.

The Cooperative, whose engine, also for this reality, was Archbishop Giacomo Zanini, was erected so as rib of the already existing; Cassa Rurale in 1901. In 1909 had 22 members. Then bangs the Great War and its well known negative effects were manifested also tragically in Tremosine. Once Again Monsignor Zanini was animator of the recovery. In that context it adoperò also for the official establishment of the cooperative to consumption of Vesio, finding faithful collaborators in its farmers. Was officially constituted by 34 members at Vesio on 31 August 1919. The cooperative had as their object:

  • the public sale of foodstuffs and other genres, by one dealing precisely;
  • sell for own account the agricultural products of members;
  • the production of some genres;
  • dissemination of popular culture and moral elevation.

the first years of the new millennium were of great innovation, especially on the business plan. Given the critical situation you had to give a shock: place the magazine, in addition to improving the management of the shop and make the necessary investments in order to revive the activities. First of all we start to propose some consumer products in special offer and a promotion points. Then there was an investment for the replacement of a cash register, refrigerated counter, shelving and scales; the installing an air conditioner inside the store, the purchasing of new software for the management of the warehouse, the introduction member card and regulatory requirements.

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Tremosine sul Garda

Tremosine sul Garda
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