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Oleificio F.lli Turturro R.e A. s.n.c

Where to shop in Giovinazzo, Bari, Apulia

In Giovinazzo “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” means the production of the “Turturro family”.
For over a century our family has been dedicating its life to this precious food, result of hard, meticulous but always pleasant work. Indeed, at the centre of our “work” ethic there is passion and love towards this tree, the olive tree, which gives to our palates one of the main components that make the “Mediterranean diet” famous and appreciated all around the world.
The progenitor is Francesco, who started his adventure as olive-press operator at the end of 1800. First his son Arcangelo and then his sons Raffaele and Agostino (starting from the 80s) have continued to produce the “green gold” by respecting the tradition and paying attention to new technologies: some that are appropriate like, for example, the passing of the baton from mills to horizontal extractors, as to say from the traditional system to the continuous one of 1990; others more “painful” like the shelving of the millstone, ancient tool with a hard to describe romanticism, but anyways essentials to always obtain a product of absolute quality and authenticity.
Ancient are the memories of when horses with their pulling used to arrive to the olive mill loaded with olives, which were stocked inside the “chimneys” and grinded according to the technologies of the time. Nowadays trailers are pulled by tractors, there are stocking silos for olives and new means of extraction. The Turturro family was there in the past, it is present now and there will be in the future as well, in the hands of Arcangelo, Giuseppe and Francesco.

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