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Hostaria di Bacco - Albergo Diffuso Bacco Furore

Where to sleep in Furore, Salerno, Campania

Opened in 1930 by Raffaele Ferraioli concomitantly with l’Inauguration of new railway Amalfi-Agerola, the Hostaria at that time was only a wine with some flat to good to feed who from the coast saliva up to Agerola.

In 1948 between those paths of alleys and stairways arrived two lovers: Anna Magnani and Roberto Rossellini, who worked together with the film L'amore. To Nannarella cook Erminia dedicates the ferrazzuoli that you can find in the menu. Are advance four generations, the Hostaria is evolved and modernised, but remained faithful to the original spirit of the Mediterranean architecture.

Among the orchards and vineyards, the restaurant è a triumph of local flavors: blue fish, squid, anchovies, potatoes and vegetables. Another unmissable recipe of Erminia are linguine with the casting of anchovies, descendant of garum of ancient Romans and today a Slow Food Presidium. To bring a little bit of Furore on your table, you may follow the cooking courses of the chef of the restaurant.

Finally, the hotel: with its «terraces blessed, ramparts of the ecstatic contemplation, where you sit to watch the sea and, on summer, toward evening expects the first breeze». It's written on our website and we agree.

The Albergo Diffuso Bacco Furore
With its rooms among the pergolas and stairways of Furore, in "clusters" of houses linked together, will make the experience of your stay on the Amalfi Coast unique.
The Albergo Diffuso Bacco Furore, is able to offer great comfort to its guests, together with the magical atmosphere of this village, which stretches along the hillside and offers a unique, immense panorama!

The hotel has rooms located just a few metres from the main building, which can accommodate couples, families and small groups, to satisfy every need.

In Furore, a "hotel town", respecting the place and its characteristics, in total harmony and sustainability, BaccoFurore is ready to welcome you, to reveal the atmosphere of a corner of paradise, as remote as it is fascinating.

  • Widespread hotel
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Traditional cuisine
  • Free parking

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