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Hermit's Cave Farmhouse

Where to sleep in Castelmezzano, Potenza, Basilicata

The Hermit's Cave Farmhouse was formed by recovering the original structures of an ancient village dating back to the XIV century and it's the ultimate place for those who wants to spend pleasant moments of tranquillity and also for those who instead they're looking for strong emotions and try the thrill of outdoor of Lucania.

The Hermit's Cave is an organic farm, located at an altitude of about 500-600 meters s.l.m., and it's divided into four areas, each designed for a fundamental activity: first the pastures, meadows and woods of beech and chestnut trees, where animals live in the wild state, then the part dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and cereals and finally the area where is located the accomodation structure itself, the small ancient village, and finally, on the cliff, there's a cave dating back to the IX-X century, already inhabited by Basilian monks (the hermits), from which the Farm took its name.

It expands on 23 hectares, completely immersed in the woods and in the uncontaminated nature, thing that makes it the perfect reference for mountain excursions.

Only 5 km from the charming village of Castelmezzano and from the spectacular flight of the Angel, immersed in the green of the Parco Regionale Gallipoli Cognato - Piccole Dolomiti Lucane, the Hermit's Cave Farmhouse has 20 spacious and bright rooms, from whose you can admire wonderful landscapes. They boast a rustic design and feature free Wi-Fi, LCD TV and free tea and coffee.

After a pleasant sleep at the refreshment point you can enjoy a pleasant breakfast, based on our typical farm products, just milked milk, daily fresh ricotta cheese, our honey, homemade cakes and many other farm specialties.

The perfect destination for anyone who wants to regenerate your body, and create a new relationship with the uncontaminated nature and thus rediscover tastes, smells and sensations.

At lunch and dinner the chef puts on the table the best of local specialty produced solely in the company, from the ravioli, to various specialties of fresh pasta, meat, wine, etc.

The products of our farm are all worthy and they mainly consist in fresh or aged cheeses, fresh meat and sausages. On request it's possible to attend and participate actively in the farm activities: from grapes and cherries harvest to the milking processes, for the transformation of milk into fresh cheese.

Food & beverage. The traditional cuisine
The history of a people it can also be read on the cuisine, through the dishes that reveal the gastronomic, historical and cultural roots. Our refreshment point offers a menu linked to seasonal products, based on simple dishes reflecting our tradition and productions, all accompanied by excellent local wine. Strong flavors, sometimes delicate with a rich choice, that belies the common place of "poor" cuisine. That's Basilicata gastronomy offers, in which dominate the first course dishes, vegetables and lamb and pork meat.

A true educational farm
Our farmhouse teaching differs from the didactic activities proposed by a classic one, directed only to the guests who enjoy hospitality and catering services. Our Didactic Farm instead has the aim of promoting, not only towards the guests, but also to the whole Community and in particular to children and young people, the culture of food seen in its complexity, in that constant and ever alive relationship with the territory and with the local tradition. The service that we intend to offer consists in projects and educational paths dedicated to schools, citizenship and to any other potential interlocutor interested in hearing and touching the starting point of food production, the importance of the rural world, not only from the production point of view but also from the social one (a garrison and a defense of the territory by natural phenomena, such as erosion), its environment, its balances, ecosystems and the concept of eco-sustainability. The educational program develops in four thematic areas of agricultural interest, and as a bridge between these there will be the forest environment. The child or adult who will take with us this path, will walk both physically and developmentally within the Farm, discovering the history of the rural world and its evolution, and how the needs and the production processes have changed, and the territory with them.

Trekking Excursions:

  • Croccia Trail. A track that from Mount Croccia's passage leads to the homonymous anthropological and natural reserve, placed at an altitude of m. 1149. The area is bounded by a fence and the access is permitted by a new pedestrian path.
  • Tempa Castle's Trail. The trail begins in the vicinity of the Palace Fountain and leads to the top of the Castle, after a journey of about 1 km. The trail climbs on a rocky spur, hidden to the eyes by a thick oakwood, maples, hornbeams and hollies, leading to the ruins of an ancient settlement of which are evident the defense walls, houses and stairs carved into the rock.

We are open every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • Contrada Calcescia, 1 , Castelmezzano (Potenza)
  • Farm house
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Room rental
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee bar, cocktail
  • Traditional cuisine
  • Wifi
  • Pets Allowed
  • Excursion organization
  • Free parking



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