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Polo Turistico Umbria

Where to sleep in Umbertide, Perugia, Umbria

There is a region where time seems to stand still. Towers, castles, manors and farmhouses are the custodians of joy, passion and love for nature and the surrounding places. Polo Turistico Umbria makes this philosophy the point of reference for an activity outside the classic schemes. The aim is to make people aware of a unique artistic and cultural heritage that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Every land, every place hides magic and charm. Tourists can immerse themselves in a context suspended between reality and fantasy. Umbria, which has always been a discreet and mysterious region, is open to unconventional tourism.

Tourists will feel welcome and will be able to spend days in contact with a rich and luxuriant nature where they can find inner harmony and peace of mind. Away from the chaos and daily routine, the only sweet sounds will be those of birdsong in the morning and the flowing of the sweet, fresh waters of the streams.

Polo Turistico Umbria is a circuit of ancient and fascinating holiday homes, each one different from the other. Guests can immerse themselves in the life of a wealthy medieval lord by sleeping in stone rooms and solid wooden beds, just like in the Castle on Lake Trasimeno. What about the Fortress with swimming pool Spoleto. The rooms are all different from each other but all fascinating and special. All around is a naturalistic park important for walking, golf, trekking, horse riding and sport fishing. Last but not least, there is no shortage of individual cottages where you can stay with your family in peace and quiet, such as the single farmhouse with swimming pool near Perugia.

Polo Turistico Umbria is an alternative holiday solution. The idea of re-evaluating old properties and making them shine in a new light stems from the current trend of looking for places far from chaos where you can collect your thoughts in the midst of nature.

In terms of nature, Umbria offers magical emotions with its forests, valleys and bodies of water. Lake Trasimeno is one of the most important lakes in the region and the small villages along its shores are a naturalistic reality where modernity and chaos are light years away. Polo Turistico Umbria proposes sustainable tourism with a return to forgotten customs and traditions. The proposed itineraries are off the beaten tourist track in order to rediscover small corners of a paradise within reach.

  • Widespread hotel
  • Farm house
  • holiday home
  • Residence
  • Garden
  • Wifi
  • Pets Allowed
  • Air conditioning
  • For events
  • Free parking

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