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Casa Thiele alla Signoria

Where to sleep in Firenze, Tuscany

Casa Thiele in Signoria is located on the second floor of the fourteenth century Palazzo dei Buonaguisi at number 2 via de’Calzaiuoli, Florence’s main pedestrian street.
The Palazzo is situated around the corner from Piazza della Signoria, a square in the centre of town.
Its historical wooden ceilings and the stone walls of the fourteenth century house/tower,
from which the rest of the house has been built, reveal the profound historical nature of the building.
The small structure offers the comfort of a private accommodation in heart of a city that has much to be discovered. Every detail has been considered to create a unique environment in which elegance, art and luxury come together in harmony.
The aesthetic taste connected to Florence’s great history is combined with great quality comfort.

The Messere room overlooks Via de’Calzaiuoli, right in front of Palazzo dei Cavalcanti.
Looking out of the two bright windows you can admire the Orsanminchele church.
Hanging on one of the walls we have a copy of the famous portrait of Baldassarre Castiglione (1478 – 1529) by Raffaello Sanzio.
Castiglione was a humanist, scholar, diplomat and Italian soldier for the State of the Church, for the Marquisate of Mantua and the Dukedom of Urbino.
With his beautiful visage adorned by the fashionable long beard of the first decades of the sixteenth century,
and with his piercing blue eyes captivating the spectator a deep psychological relationship is established.
His figure so becomes the ideal of aesthetic and spiritual perfection of courtierism expressed in his renowned treaty. His prose is considered to be one of the highest expressions of the Italian Renaissance.

The Madama room overlooks Via de’Calzaiuoli, right in front of Palazzo dei Cavalcanti.
Looking out of the two bright windows you can admire the Orsanminchele church.
Hanging on one of the walls we have a copy of the famous portrait of Giovane Donna, Young Woman (1518) by Raffaello Sanzio. The portrait is an example of elegance and classic femininity, the Giovane Donna is turned three quarters towards the left, with her face and her gaze turned towards the spectator.
She has a hand placed on her chest which as a pose resembles that of the “Velata”.
The profile is oval and pure, the eyes big, the mouth thin and the chin pointy, her hair is kept up in a sort of turban, a detail which displays the then in vogue style.

The Nuvole (clouds) room is part of the fourteenth century tower of Buonaguisi, with its two stone arches, its very thick walls and the window of small dimensions,
you will experience the sober atmosphere of the original old medieval houses/towers.
In the alcove in one of the arches you will find the ultra-modern washbasin by Antonio Lupi,
hence in a moment you will be catapulted from the medieval era straight into modern contemporary minimalism. The clouds instead are a homage to all the great painters of the Renaissance.
On the inside surface of the Brunelleschi dome of Santa Maria del Fiore you can admire the biggest fresco ever to be realised (3600 m²); by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari; whose figures are all lying on clouds.
The sobriety of the colours recreates the atmosphere of Dante’s skies.

The Astri (stars) room is part of the fourteen-century medieval tower of Buonaguisi, which is showcased by the stone wall.
The three moons hung above the bed and the solar eclipses on the adjacent wall give the room its name.
The window that overlooks the inner courtyard has a starred vault to represent the greatest painter of Florentine Gothic, Giotto. The beautiful city of Paolo Uccello is in part reproduced on the headboard. The Astri/Stars will accompany Amerigo Vespucci in his studies,
who was born and lived in Florence and who was the first to circumnavigate the New World to which he gave his own name… America. You will also find a reproduction of a sketch of the lunar cycle by the illustrious Tuscan born Galileo Galilei. While recalling all these famous figures the stars will accompany you in dreams full of beauty and new enlightened discoveries!

The Fauna room is cheerful and carefree. Its two windows overlook the inside courtyard of the building.
The coffered ceiling, painted in shades of sky, instils happiness and a sweet feeling of lightness that makes thoughts “fly” away.On the walls, the reproductions of various species of birds and the lamp in the shape of a birdcage which dominates the table brings to mind the grotesque decorations on the ceilings of many renaissance buildings.
In the era of the Humanistic – Renaissance nature was considered to be the habitat in which man lived,
in this era its study excluded any prerequisite supernatural; physical nature is studied rather than the metaphysical one: nature, studied in this free and autonomous way becomes thus the Regnum Hominis.

Between 8:00 and 10:00 we serve breakfast in the sitting room, or in your room if you prefer.
You can choose and order depending on your necessities: gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, your choice of hot drink, a fresh croissant, an assortment of biscuits,
yoghurts, freshly squeezed orange juice, focaccia sandwich, fresh fruit and cereals and a wide choice of local cheeses and meat.

If you so wish we can make bookings of tickets for:
• The most important museums and monuments of Florence
• Tours of the city and its surroundings
• Private tour guide
• Bycicle and Vespa hire
• Wine tastings in the very own cellars of the producers of wine in the Chianti area.
You can reach us very easily with the public bus services from Santa Maria Novella train station and from Florence and Pisa airports;

For those that are travelling by car we have the ‘Garage Bargello’ 200 metres from us, and if you would like we can also book a parking space for you there.
The cost varies depending on the type of car and starts from €26 a day.

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