Ad Decimum Catacombs - What to see in Grottaferrata - Castles, churches, monuments and museums - The Ad Decimum Catacombs of Grottaferrata are among the most famous in the area for the excellent state of conservation.


Ad Decimum Catacombs
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Ad Decimum Catacombs
As clearly indicates their name, the catacombs were located at the tenth mile of the ancient Latin Way (today at the height of km. 6 the Via Anagnina). These catacombs are among the most famous in the area for the excellent state of conservation of two galleries excavated in the tufa and with a barrel vaulted ceiling, which branch out in minor arms for a total of 225 meters. The two galleries have a difference in height of about one meter, for this call are the catacombs to double continuous plane. At the entrance is visible the arcosolium with a candlestick of marble used as pillar; inside are kept approximately one thousand tombs (II-V century d.C.), most of which are still intact and some wall paintings of the IV and V century to note are the marble slabs positioned to close the niches, distinct from epigraphs and graffiti, modest, that indicate the character poor of construction. Guided tours on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 16 to 18.30 - Other days upon request.

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Abbey of San Nilo
The Abbey, also known with the name of Santa Maria di Grottaferrata and consecrated in 1024 by the Pope John XIX, hosts the Basilian religious who follow the byzantine rite, precisely of the Church of Constantinople.
Corso del Popolo, 128, Grottaferrata (RM)
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Villa Aldobrandini
Also known as Villa Belvedere, is one of the most important historic residences of Frascati, both for the high position and privileged, that offers a complete panorama of the city, both for the splendour of the exterior and the interior thoroughly designe
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Umberto Mastroianni Civic Museum
The Museo Civico Umberto Mastroianni of Marino has its headquarters in Piazza Matteotti, inside the former medieval church of Santa Lucia.
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Barco Borghese is located in Monte Porzio Catone, in Lazio.
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The Bergantino Nymphaeum
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Papal Palace
Built between 1624 and 1626 at the behest of Pope Urban VII Barberini and on a project by Carlo Maderno, the Papal Palace was built on the site occupied by the castle of the Savelli.
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Papal fortress
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6.10 Kilometers from Ad Decimum Catacombs
Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo
By the will of Cardinal Scipione Borghese the church entitled to Our Lady of the Assumption, was built as of 1630 over a previous church dedicated to Saint Brigitte.
Piazza del Duomo, 16, Monte Compatri (RM)
6.60 Kilometers from Ad Decimum Catacombs
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