Villa Gambotto Negri - What to see in Cassinetta di Lugagnano - Castles, churches, monuments and museums - Villa Negri is the first historic dwelling that meets on the Naviglio in Cassinetta di Lugagnano, in Lombardy.


Villa Gambotto Negri

Villa Gambotto Negri

Villa Negri is the first historic dwelling that meets on the Naviglio, on the right, just arrived at Cassinetta and passed the junction for Albairate. The villa was built in 1761 by the Austrian general Dembowski. In 1875, was purchased with the surrounding Cascina dishes, from the then mayor of Milan Gaetano Negri, native of Cassinetta. The villa, on the Roggia Visconti, is deviated from the country. And is enhanced by a sumptuous input that constitutes the point of prospective arrival in the wide view that opened in front of the Villa Birago-Clari Monzini, the oldest and largest of the historical residences of Cassinetta di Lugagnano, situated at the opposite end of the country. The entrance of the Villa Negri is flanked by four century old plane trees. The central gate a glimpse of the main avenue of the italian garden which leads to the villa. The building has a U-shaped plan with a central body and wings devoted to Rustici. The rooms of representation, lounge and dining room, are at the level of the garden, being the villa conceived as a summer residence. While the bedrooms are located on the first floor.

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