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Archaeological Museum of Sarteano

What to see in Sarteano, Siena, Tuscany

the finds of the Archaeological Museum of Sarteano Show, in a path topographical and chronological, testimonies of human occupation in the territory of Sarteano that despite a plunder for centuries, has left traces the rich and significant especially as regards the Etruscan phase, from the 9th to the I century B.C.

the lower floor of the museum is dedicated to the sensational results of the excavations of the necropolis of Pianacce, and have led to the discovery of a painted tomb of the second half of the IV century BC with unique scenes in Etruria. This is the tomb of the hellish quadriga, on the walls of which are portrayed the demon Charun that, driving his chariot, a quadriga formed by two lions and two grifi, abandons the Hades, two elegant departed to the banquet, a snake with three heads of exceptional size and from the vibrant colors and a Hippocampus on the pediment of the bottom above the imposing sarcophagus of alabaster Gray alabaster - imported from Volterra but worked locally - with the deceased lying on the lid, last residence of the owner of the tomb.

The tomb, can be visited only on Saturday on booking, is documented through its perfect reproduction in real scale realized with a technique which is unique in Italy within the museum where you will also find the corresponding kit ceramic.

10.30-12.30 and 16-19.
April - October and Christmas: open every day except Monday.
November - March: open on holidays and days before holidays.

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Ristorante Daniela
A fundamental element is certainly the use of high quality local products.
Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 7, San Casciano dei Bagni (Siena)
13.25 Kilometers from Sarteano
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= distances as the crow flies
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