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Parish church of San Giovanni Battista

What to see in Casole d'Elsa, Siena, Tuscany

The church of Pievescola is located on the slopes of the Sienese Montagnola, near via Maremmana and originally belonged to the diocese of Volterra (today it belongs to the archdiocese of Siena-Colle di Val d'Elsa-Montalcino).

The first documented testimony is dated 12 July 1032 on the occasion of the oath made by this Cunerado of Rodolfo to the bishop of Volterra Gunfredo; with that oath, Cunerado undertakes not to collect tithes of the plebs anymore. Felicitatis et s. Johannis sito Scode because in 1030 the same Bishop from Volterra had granted this right to the abbey of Saints Giusto and Clemente, a right later reconfirmed by Bishop Guido (1039-1046).

Belonging to the Volterra diocese was also confirmed in two acts of Pope Alexander III dated 29 September 1171 and 23 April 1179.

In the 13th century, 13 suffragan churches belonged to the parish church, which guaranteed a reasonable income confirmed by the tithes paid at the end of the century. Throughout the fourteenth century the plover's income was 243 lire and this income continued even in the fifteenth century; despite the good income, the church was not always well administered since on 9 September 1437 the parish priest was absent and on 18 January 1442 the ecclesiastical building was deemed dilapidated; from the same report it is possible to ascertain that a baptistery separate from the church was also part of the plebano complex, of which no traces remain today, and which in any case was also dilapidated.

In the following centuries the population belonging to the parish was quite unstable: in 1640 the inhabitants were 226, in 1745 they had fallen to 146 and then to 201 in 1833. Although it was often left to neglect the church has always been officiated and not have you ever undergone alterations to the structure.

  • Via Provinciale, 49 - 53031, Casole d'Elsa (Siena)
  • Religious location

Casole d'Elsa

Casole d'Elsa

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Ristorante Daniela
A fundamental element is certainly the use of high quality local products.
Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 7, San Casciano dei Bagni (Siena)
4911.91 Kilometers from Casole d'Elsa
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