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Valdemino Caves

What to see in Verezzi, Savona, Liguria

The Valdemino Caves of Verezzi were discovered only in 1933, but the presence of the cavity was well known for a long time to the inhabitants of the place as well as some strange phenomena connected to them. For example the waters of the Rio Battorezza seemed to be swallowed in different sections of its course, even though this did not prevent the brook of exit periodically by the riverbed to devastate the surrounding fields. Then there was the lake, on the bottom of the almost mythical cave which is accessed from the floor of the church of S. Peter, and finally the Roggetto: a torrentello that gushes from a fracture, right at the foot of the village of Borgio.

Following the path of the water, in 1933, three kids of Borgio come in the first room of a new cave, where write with candle smoke the date and their names: Lillo, Tito and Valentino. Nobody is aware of the magnitude of the discovery until 1951, the year in which John Notch, driving of the Speleological Group Ingauno begins the systematic exploration of the cave, finding a complex salt and galleries that winds for a few kilometers below the village of Borgio. Will it be the same notch, impressed by the extraordinary beauty of the underground world, to devise and implement the tourist route inaugurated in 1970.

Still today, in the event of heavy rainfall, the Rio Battorezza disappears inside the well to reach the numerous lakes are present on the bottom of the cave. The waters buildings and transparent lakes constitute one of the major attractions of the tourist route that winds for about 800 meters inside of large salt, between enormous blocks dissenting from time in remote ere. The rich the concretions of each shape: the cannulae , slender and almost transparent, in drapes , as thin as sheets, to large columns that seem to support the vault up to eccentric stalactites, that defy gravity developing in all directions. Were also differ found human remains and bone finds of animals (Rhinoceros, elephant, tiger, crocodile, bear, Mammut) who do not live in Liguria today but we lived more than half a million years ago.

Open from Monday to Sunday with entrances at 9.30-10.30-11.30 / 15.00-16.00-17.00-18.00.
In addition, on Wednesdays and Fridays in July and August there will be an evening entrance at 21.00.

Compulsory booking: 019 610150

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