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Chapel of San Gennaro

What to see in Camerota, Salerno, Campania

The Chapel of San Gennaro is an enchanting religious building located in the historic center of Camerota, evidence of art and popular devotion over the centuries. Erected in 1754 by Don Gennaro De Luca "ad maiorem Dei gloriam, Civimque tilitatem," the chapel is an architectural jewel that preserves artistic treasures and fascinating stories inside.

Characterized by a rectangular plan and a pitched roof, the chapel features an apsidal side and a barrel vault in Baroque style. The altar, made of dark stone, houses the precious painting of the Virgin, as well as the wooden half-bust of St. Gennaro, the Neapolitan saint who blesses the ciborium, from which the chapel takes its popular name.

A particularly interesting feature is the tomb under the floor, where the requiem of the De Luca family resides, accompanied by the inscription "ut post fata heic quoque ossa quiescant." For the annual income of 12 ducats, the celebration of twenty masses ensured suffrage for the family.

The chapel's history is intertwined with the life of poet-priest Don Antonio Diotaiuti, who, having returned to Camerota as an old man, officiated in the church as pastor of the royal colony of San Leucio and the royal palace of Caserta. When he died in 1868, Don Antonio left a box of clay shepherds to his relatives and the Tredicina and Via Crucis to devotees.

Although privately owned, the Chapel of San Gennaro is opened to the public three times a year, namely on Sept. 19, Corpus Christi Day and Aug. 15, allowing visitors and devotees to admire its artistic beauty and pray in the presence of the ancient religious treasures kept inside.

  • Via Armando Diaz, Camerota (Salerno)
  • Religious location

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