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Noglio Cave

What to see in Camerota, Salerno, Campania

Grotta del Noglio is a fascinating archaeological site located along the coast east of Marina di Camerota, near the inlet of Porto Infreschi in Cilento. The particular location and the traces of human presence preserved inside make this place a treasure chest of mysteries and legends yet to be revealed.

Grotta del Noglio opens in a vertical wall facing directly into the sea, about three meters high. Today, the only entrance cannot be reached from the mainland, making access to the cave a fascinating and somewhat mysterious adventure.

The characteristic shape of the opening of the Grotta del Noglio has given rise over the years to various legends about its origin. The particular location and the surreal atmosphere that the cave evokes have fueled the collective imagination, making this place a symbol of mystery and fascination.

The stratigraphic platform and archaeological clues
A number of items of considerable archaeological importance have been found within the Noglio Cave, testifying to human presence in different periods of prehistory. The traces were preserved on a platform located at a height of 17 meters, unreached by the marine erosion that erased the prehistoric stratigraphic series.

Mesolithic and mollusk shells
Among the artifacts that emerged from Noglio Cave, a Mesolithic level dating to about 9,000 years ago was identified, characterized by numerous mollusk shells. These findings demonstrate how the ancient inhabitants of the cave obtained resources from the sea and made use of them in their daily lives.

Bronze Age and stratigraphic levels
Above the Mesolithic level, a number of Middle Bronze Age levels (1700-1400 B.C.) have been identified, testifying to the evolution of human presence in Noglio Cave and the different phases of the site's frequentation over the millennia.

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