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Papal fortress

What to see in Rocca di Papa, Roma, Lazio

From here, at 753 meters of altitude, it enjoys one of the most vast panorama of the territory of the Castelli Romani, up to the sea. The fortress was erected at the end of the XII century by Pope Eugene III and maintained its defensive role for almost four centuries, i.e. until (in the middle of the XVI century) Pope Paul III Farnese he ordered the demolition. From that moment the fortress was used as a quarry of building materials. The destruction of the fortress followed in the course of the centuries even a progressive burial structures that the recent archaeological excavations have brought to light, together with different finds that belonged to the families who owned the castle (Orsini, Annibaldi, Colonna). Currently the archaeological site of a medieval fortress is open all the days from 10 to 20, thanks to the collaboration of the volunteers of the GAL - Archaeological Group Latin.

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Rocca di Papa

Rocca di Papa

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= distances as the crow flies
= distances as the crow flies


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