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Mother Church of San Giacomo Maggiore

What to see in Pietrapertosa, Potenza, Basilicata

Ancient medieval fortress of probable Lombard age, preserves numerous canvases and frescoes of 1600-1700, including works by P.A. Ferro and Pietrafesa. The ecclesiastical body, dedicated to S. Giacomo roughly in the XI-XII centuries, currently is composed of the Church, to original basilican plant paleo-Christian; a bell tower of the romanesque diagram, posthumous with respect to the Church, and an underground crypt. The complex, even if altered, seems to have maintained the characteristics of a Romanesque monument. For the same it can be assumed, based on Racioppi, that at the time of the Lombard Principality of Salerno, was one of the three forts of the town. Thereafter, at the time of the Normans, in the XI-XII centuries, the fortress became church dedicated to S. Giacomo. It can be assumed that the transformation has taken place following the annexation of Pietrapertosa to ecclesiastical metropolis of Acerenza on whose precise date Racioppi has doubts, but which is around half of the XI century. Subsequently, around the XII and XIII centuries, the church was partly destroyed by a fire. Probably as a result of the fire, the church was modified; it was in fact eliminated the nave lower left and in its place, built the campanile, lowered the dome and adding a small apse beyond the presbytery. In 1940 the Church and the bell tower were consolidated. Further work in later times, have brought to light the various capitals of the romanesque period and a baptismal font. Behind the presbytery there is a small cell frescoed (Universal Judgment and scenes from the life of Jesus) later epoch, where he established a wooden choir of the XVI century.

  • Piazza Plebiscito, 1, Pietrapertosa (Potenza)
  • Religious location



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