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Lombroso Museum

What to see in Volterra, Pisa, Tuscany


A former observation ward, now a museum: all the material from the former Volterra asylum was collected in this small but well-organised museum, where part of the graffiti by Nannetti Oreste Fernando (NOF4), detached from its original location, is now also located. A heritage of great human and cultural value to be discovered and protected.

The visit includes, in addition to the Lombroso Museum, some pavilions of the former psychiatric hospital and the graffito by Nannetti Oreste Fernando.

The history of the pavilion
Built in 1887 as part of the former psychiatric hospital in Volterra. Inside the hospital complex, the pavilion was inaugurated in 1909. Initially built for the diagnostic observation of newly admitted patients, it was divided into two floors internally communicating via a service staircase, which however had its own external entrance to allow for the separation of the two sexes.

Over the years, the number of admissions for observation became so high that larger pavilions had to be used. This pavilion in particular was used to accommodate occupational therapy patients.

In the 1960s it was converted into a neurological ward. Since 1978, following Law 180, the pavilion has been in a state of disrepair.

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