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Archaeological Museum

What to see in Peccioli, Pisa, Tuscany


The Archaeological Museum was opened in 2004 for the proper preservation of the numerous finds from the Etruscan archaeological site of Ortaglia, a few kilometres from Peccioli. The excavations were managed by the Municipality of Peccioli in collaboration with the University of Ferrara, and under the direction of Stefano Bruni.

From a well 10 metres deep and 4 metres wide, votive objects and parts of a construction had come to light that, due to their size and type of decoration, suggested something similar to a temple or at least a sanctuary. The finds were in fragments, because the structure of which they were part had collapsed, probably in the 4th century BC, following a fire. The upper part of the pit had collapsed due to erosion to the north-west, causing the finds to fall from a height of about five metres.

Many votive objects, such as loom weights and spools for thread, typical of women's work, suggested that the sanctuary was dedicated to a female deity.

The highlight of the collection is an Attic red-figure kylix, certainly attributable to the famous Greek painter Makron, who worked in Athens around 490 - 480 BC.

Since 2007, the Archaeological Museum has been housed in its new, attractive premises, where other exhibits have been added: funerary objects from the Etruscan tomb of Legoli (excavated in 1930), a large loutérion (basin for ablutions), and a series of materials relating to nocturnal cults, linked to a divinity similar to the Greek Dèmetra.

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