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Church of San Bernardo

What to see in Città Sant'Angelo, Pescara, Abruzzo

The church was dedicated to San Nicola and it preserved the name until 1626, when Pope Urban VIII and gathered the Collegiate Church of San Nicola with that of San Michele in a single chapter. In 1644 it was transferred to the Reformed Friars of San Bernardo, which immediately began the construction of the convent. The current church was built in the second half of 1700 by the architect Santino Capitani, which radically changed the previous. It is assumed that the original structure had three naves of which in 1700 was formed one with four large lateral chapels. The walls are enriched by stuccoes valuable and in particular on the wall the rear facade it is possible to admire a bas-relief depicting Christ who dispels the merchants from the temple.

The crypt has some decorations in fresco and proves to be the most ancient of the overlying building, as well as the two arches still visible on the exterior side north, only elements that are still present in the original construction of 1300. The facade in brick, while in the poverty of means appears to be rather complex and rich in ideas, today unfortunately poorly visible because it is covered by the buildings of next time.

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Città Sant'Angelo

Città Sant'Angelo

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