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Church of San Francesco

What to see in Città Sant'Angelo, Pescara, Abruzzo

The Church is engaged in a convent complex architectural vast and articulated, occupied for the most part, from 1809, the municipal seat. The first monastic settlement probably took place in the XII century, while it is certain that the Basilian Fathers began in 1327 the construction of the convent and the church, which arose as a logical pole of union between those of S. Michele Arcangelo and Sant'Agostino.

The total renovation of the church became necessary because of the collapse occurred as a result of the earthquakes of 1706 and 1730: the use of already existing structures at hall in the baroque period determined a new space where in the original gothic casing with pillars and windows concresce a delicate spatial invention baroque. To admire inside the mosaic floor, made in 1845, and the canvas of the Madonna del Rosario and San Domenico, the work of the Painter of Angola Paul De Cecco, component of the "Cenacolo of Francavilla" with Michetti, Tosti, d'Annunzio, Barbella and other illustrious artists of Abruzzi of the end of the XIX century.

Outside the bell tower, with a square plan, up to the little arches in brick which demarcate the oldest part is built in the era of the fifteenth century, while it is attributed to Raimondo di Poggio or with his pupils the "Portal of wonders", the only example of a fourteenth-century portal colored, recently restored together with the painting from Paolo De Cecco.

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Città Sant'Angelo

Città Sant'Angelo

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