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Parish Church of San Silvestro

What to see in Monte Grimano Terme, Pesaro e Urbino, Marche

The Church is in neoclassical style, elegant and bright in its lines made even more simple and rational from when a pastor, after the Council Vatican II, it was rushed to make disappear balustrade, pulpit, wooden choir and all the side altars. Fortunately there are still some canvases, all of fine workmanship, in particular that of " Madonna delle Grazie ", transported here from the votive chiesina that is located behind the town. Is of Venetian school (and not barroccesca as traditionally believed). Now it is located to the right of the main altar and recalls the gratitude of a captain of the militias - Tebaldo of Cumae - miraculously escaped to an ambush. Also interesting is the seventeenth-century reproduction of the Last Supper of Barrocci and other large canvases attributed to the Lazzarini of Pesaro. Also interesting is the crucifix object of centuries of veneration on the part of the villagers. The component, a small jewel of music of a little less than 500 barrels, inventoried now as a cultural asset of the Marches, has recently been restored and dates back part to 1700 and part in 1800.

  • Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 4, Monte Grimano Terme (Pesaro e Urbino)
  • Religious location

Monte Grimano Terme

Monte Grimano Terme

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Marche Segrete is an eBike bicycle touring experience that combines nature, culture and food and wine in the most authentic places in the Marche region, traveling through Macerata
Interested villages: Monte Vidon Corrado, Torre di Palme, Moresco, Smerillo, Elcito

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San Silvestro

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