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Church of St Bartholomew

What to see in Castel Rigone, Perugia, Umbria

Pre-existing to the Sanctuary, it was erected in the 14th century outside the walls of the old fortified village and was the ancient parish church. St Bartholomew is one of the two patron saints of Castel Rigone, together with St Augustine.
This church is oriented, according to the canons of sacred architecture, so that the celebrating priest faces the rising sun.
It has a Latin cross plan, with a semicircular apse. The small bell gable still contains two bells. Here is the old baptismal font, where the people of Castelrigona once received the first of the sacraments.
The people of Castelrigona were buried here until the cemetery was built in 1891.
At that time, in order to comply with the regulations on burial places and because of the need to carry out some restoration work on the basement, the bodies were removed from the graves placed under the floor.
These remains were transported in solemn procession to the ossuary wanted by the people of Castel Rigone Cemetery, who strongly opposed the proposal made by the Municipality of Passignano for a mass grave.
On the high ground on the other side of the road is a cross representing Calvary.

  • Via della Vigna, 06065, Passignano sul Trasimeno (Perugia)
  • Religious location

Castel Rigone

Castel Rigone

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