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St. Francis' Church

What to see in Deruta, Perugia, Umbria

consecrated in 1388, inside a nave covered with sloping capriate and preserves numerous traces of frescoes. Starting with the visit of the church from the left wall, immediately meets a niche with frescoes attributed in part to Domenico Alfani The Madonna and Child between San Francisco and San Bernardino da Siena and in part to Giovanni Battista Caporali Saint Jerome and Saint Anthony of Padua. Follows the Rosary chapel built in 1846 with inside a beautiful statue of the Virgin of the Rosary. Other frescoes follow on the walls: San Sebastiano, Saints Peter and Paul, the martyrdom of a holy, two stories from the life of Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

In the apse decorated toward the beginning of the last century is visible in the upper left, a fresco of the XIV century, depicting the Resurrection of Christ. In the sails are represented in the center, the Franciscan coat of arms and in the other the symbols of the four evangelists. The stained glass windows are a modern work: the central one was performed in the years '50, while the lateral ones in the 1980s. In the right nave there is a fresco of the Madonna and Child between Saints Peter the Apostle Paul of Tarsus, San Ludovico from Toulouse, Caterina d'Alessandria and Francis of Assisi, the fresco with Christ in the house of Martha and Mary and a niche with the fresco of Sant'Antonio da Padova and scenes of his life.

Adjacent to the right side of the church is the cloister that preserves two sides only and only a few traces of the ancient masonry structures the fourteenth century, only the supporting pillars and the ashlars in sandstone. Fragments little legible with frescoes of the fourteenth century are located in the vicinity of the door of the former convent, the Madonna of Humility and holy, and above the door into the church, foreshortening architectural and three aureole.

  • Piazza dei Consoli, 21, Deruta (Perugia)
  • Religious location

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