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Castle of Guiglia

What to see in Guiglia, Modena, Emilia-Romagna

The ancient Castle of Guiglia was involved in bloody factional wars, fires, earthquakes and suffered alternate dominations which gradually modified its original base.

In 1630 the Marquis Francesco Montecuccoli began a radical restoration that transformed the ancient fortress into a sumptuous noble residence for his family.He had the drawbridge removed and the old gate closed to the east, the apartments were also enlarged and a new and prestigious entrance was created, the current one, consisting of a high portal surmounted by a pediment supported by columns through which one enters a loggia decorated with fine stuccoes. Inside the walls there was also a Carmelite convent, with the adjoining church.

Following the decadence of the Montecuccoli and troubled events, the building was bought at auction by the Engineer Beush who transformed it into a hotel. The Torre del Pubblico, located in front of the original entrance to the fortress, has a square plan, a portal in terracotta with a conch-shaped arch and is surmounted by a bell tower with a seventeenth-century bell. The adjacent building probably had the function of Casella, the place where the meetings of the Community took place.

Near the Castle stands the Oratory of the Madonnina, divided into a space crossed by three niches. The central one houses the only present altar. Storage room and sacristy are on the sides of the entrance. The dome is surmounted by a circular lantern. Inside there are three tombs of the Montecuccoli Laderchi marquises and numerous popular votive offerings.The Montecuccoli family was devoted to the Madonna di San Luca and for this reason the Oratory appears as a miniature reproduction of the Sanctuary of San Luca which is located in Bologna.

  • Via G. di Vittorio, 2 - 41052, Guiglia (Modena)
  • 059 709951
  • Castle, fortress
  • Suitable for disabled people

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5080.06 Kilometers from Guiglia
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