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Risolo Castle

What to see in Specchia, Lecce, Apulia

Risolo Castle is a sixteenth-century construction. Originally isolated, is now joined to other buildings, among which emerge two tall and squared towers, located on the corners of the ancient quadrangular construction. It was enlarged between 1600 and 1700 by Margherita Trane, marquise of Specchia and Desiderio Protonobilissimo, prince of Muro Leccese, to make of it their own residence. They are represented by two statues that, divided by a coat of arms, overhanging the door in ashlar which constitutes the castle entrance. The death of his mother Margherita, became Marquis of Specchia her son, Alfonso Protonobilissimo, who was succeeded by Giovan Battista. The dynasty ended with Giovan Battista IV which ruled very hard, forcing the inhabitants with exorbitant fees on all products of the earth. The King of Naples, then in 1774 called him in the capital to ask him about his work, confiscated goods and Specchia went to the Royal Property. In 1797, the castle and Specchia were donated by Ferdinand IV to Antonio Maria Pignatelli, prince of Belmonte, to reward him of an important embassy he accomplished. After a shot period, the prince gave the feud to his brother Joseph, who preserved it until the end of feudalism, sanctioned by Napoleonic decree on 1806. The castle then passed to the Risolo, who have lived in Specchia up to our days. The last representative of the family, the countess, died in the eighties. Today a part of the castle belongs to the Municipality, the rest is privately owned.

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= distances as the crow flies


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