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Villalago Fortress

What to see in Villalago, L'Aquila, Abruzzo

of probable Lombard origin, the fortress of Villalago is built in a strategic position on a hill overlooking the valley of Sagittarius had the function of defense and of the sighting. Currently in some extensions of the rocca, there is the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions of Villalago. Structurally consisted of defensive walls and a tower-cylindrical watchtower of sighting top ten-dozen meters equipped with battlements built in Romanesque style. The defensive walls have been partially replaced by civil houses, today remains the Torrione-tower in a good state of preservation.

The museum, housed in the palazzo baronale is composed of some of the rooms in which they are exposed informative panels and faithful reproductions of ancient crafts of the place. In particular are described the work of the pastor and travel through the tracks of the Abruzzi region. Subsequently are also listed the crafts of the fisherman and the miller.

The tower, finally, is the oldest part of the fortress. Has a circular structure with hut covering (similar to a pagoda), and has small windows for shifts of Lookout. The base remain the ruins of a second tower that have been transformed into area belvedere for tourism. Also the cylindrical tower however can be visited. At the tower also remain the ruins of a chapel medieval, which mates with the Baronial Palace. The oratory of the Madonna Addolorata is built around three hundred and presents traces of frescoes.

  • Via Vincenzo Buccini, Villalago (L'Aquila)
  • Castle, fortress



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april, 2024

Procession to the hermitage of San Domenico

july, 2024
to sunday 14 july 2024

Feast of Sant'Antonio and the Madonna delle Grazie

august, 2024

Ancient Villalaghese marriage

august, 2024
to thursday 22 august 2024

Patronal feast of San Domenico

september, 2024
to saturday 14 september 2024

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

january, 2025
to wednesday 22 january 2025

The Bonfires

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