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Church of San Silvestro

What to see in Bagnoli del Trigno, Isernia, Molise


the church of Pope San Silvestro is located on the rocky buttresses that dominates the so-called "Low Land". It was built in the XIII-XIV century and has been repeatedly damaged by earthquakes and restored. Its characteristic is that of being literally trapped between two spurs of rock, that leave visible only the lateral walls. The entrance portal opens in fact on the right lateral wall facing toward the inhabited center.

The bell tower, characteristic for its cover "onion" made colorful majolica, is built on a spur that rises advance to the apse.

The portal has on each of the two sides three round columns: on each side the more internal is smooth, the central one is decorated with a pattern tortile and the outside has a decoration in a herringbone fashion. The three pedestals terminating at the top on a capital decorated with a human face between floral motifs. Above the portal, raised by a lintel, a semicircular lunette resumes within the decorations of the columns and has on the outside a frame decorated with a stylised plant that is born from the mouth of a human head on the left and ends in an amphora on the right.

The interior has three naves. On the back wall there is the choir with the organ. On the wall of the right nave there is a wooden crucifix that has the particularity of having your arms articulated, so you can lower along the sides of the statue when this was used without the Cross in procession on Good Friday. Always on the wall of the right nave, next to the secondary entrance to the church, a plaque commemorates the consecration of the Church and of the high altar on the part of the bishop of Trivento Mariconda Alfonso.

  • Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 33, Bagnoli del Trigno (Isernia)
  • Religious location

Bagnoli del Trigno

Bagnoli del Trigno
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