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Synagogue of Sorano

What to see in Sorano, Grosseto, Tuscany

the Jewish temple, of probable origins dating from the late 16th century, was consecrated probably at least until the end of the Nineteenth Century, the period in which the local community of the Jewish faith who lived mainly along via del Ghetto and in neighboring alleys, began to move toward Pitigliano and other localities of central Italy.

In the course of the twentieth century, when now the whole Jewish community had abandoned the center, the religious building was completely overlooked, thus meeting for a long period of abandonment and decline that lasted for almost the whole of the XX century.

However, in recent decades, have been carried out careful restoration work to the building which hosts the synagogue, simultaneously to the renovation of the not far synagogue of Pitigliano. Thanks to this important renovation, the ancient temple has regained the lost splendor and was used as a local cultural exhibitions.

  • Via Giovanni Selvi, 7, Sorano (Grosseto)
  • Religious location

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