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Aldobrandesca Fortress

What to see in Sovana, Grosseto, Tuscany

The Aldobrandesca Fortress of Sovana was the seat and the symbol of the power of the Aldobrandeschi family, who ruled until the end of the thirteenth century. During the Aldobrandesco dominion, the fortification was incorporated in the county of Sovana, following the division of all the possessions of the family. In 1293, Sovana and its fortress became part of the County of the Orsini family of Pitigliano, following her marriage between Roman Orsini and Anastasia Aldobrandeschi. However, in this historical period there was a phase of degradation due to the movement of capital to Pitigliano. In the first years of the Fifteenth Century, Sovana was conquered by Siena, thus becoming part of the Republic of Siena. Precisely in this period, the fortification was restored after it was completely abandoned for more than a century. In the second half of the Sixteenth Century, Sovana and its fortress became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, following the fortunes of the same. Cosimo I de' Medici commissioned some renovation work that does not, however, prevented the subsequent abandonment and the consequent degradation of the structure.

The Aldobrandesca Fortress of Sovana is situated just outside the eastern part of the historic center, resting with the external side a little tuff spur which smoothes the surface of the base. Currently, presents itself in the form of imposing ruins, coated in tuff and kept in fair condition. Access is through a door with round arch that opens on the side facing the historic center. The curtain walls are based on some sections of the primitives "walls of Sovana" Etruscan and have, in some points, the successes atop with blind arches resting on shelves; also the tower that is preserved only on two sides, has a top crowning very similar, with brackets that are however much more projecting, leaving imagine the presence of battlements in past eras.

  • Strada Provinciale Sovana, Sorano (Grosseto)
  • Castle, fortress

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